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  • There are commander equipment also :(
  • Also one thing I would like to point out is. That this equipment is only and only available for buying by REAL MONEY. Till now there is not a single thing which has been introduced like this, at least to my knowledge. Every advantage to the Paying customers can be gotten by the Non-Paying by a little hardwork, which is not…
  • Looks like something good.And having no RVs is good and will help the lower level a bit. Just one question, How is the best alliance appointed? Alliance ranks or what?
  • Even if GGE removes this, Dont forget how greedy they are. They will probably say, we are removing the equipment sets but the people who bought the sets can still keep it forever.
  • Attacks RBCs or Barbarian Towers. They give good amount of xp. If you attack some towers you will level up fast
  • I agree with baldrick here. A alliance is like a family. If you help your family members do you ask them something in return????You already get more than enough. If you are supporting,you will be supported for sure. ;) So keep calm and send support
  • Ishan, are u a kid?? If he is pointing out your mistake that also in a kind manner, cant you just except your mistake and correct it??? Why are you just insulting others. I am sure you are a kid! The people pointing out your mistakes are right and YOU ARE WRONG! And btw how the hell will you destroy the Kingdom of modoo…
  • Wish granted but 50 years later. I wish I was president of usa
  • Yup yup. I know that and i will be patient
  • Already sent a ticket to support. Just waiting for reply. Ticket no. 2014031610084616
  • Yup sold my unused & now i have about 10k coins. Will recruit some attacks and attack low level rbcs/bt as you said. thank you for your advice
  • I only loot bro so i demolished my dwellings very early and i have no soldiers to hit towers else i make many many coins and rubies a day :(
  • I can get back in my account but since i have only 1-2 dwellings i get very less taxes and i need to collect much taxes to make all the things back up again :(
  • Amazing idea, would like to be implemented but you got to have some limit on the amount of resources in silo, eh?
  • Uh, time seems so long without empire :P
  • Exactly and dos santos its not happened to you thats why you arent understanding.
  • How can they give these reasons when thesereasons are invalid? ok then i they dont revert my account back as 21 march 9 pm indian time or dont refund me i will leave the game, since i am not free to build all those thing again
  • Ah yes, You cannot do anything :D But i have had one suspect till now. We were having a big war with an alliance. When i opened my account i saw my carts were returning from their 2 person's castles. So maybe they. I have played this game for a long time and i really hope GGS gives me the refund and if this does not happen…
  • Nope my password was not like that. But not my case some time ago i read a case and hacking was due to easy password, but does it mean if password is easy exploit it?
  • Hello, i already have raised a ticket to support but just wanted views if i will get something out of it or not and baldrick i am 100% sure no one can access my account from my alliance as no one knows my password. One more thing, why did you said i will get nothing out of it? Since i never broke rules so and got hacked…