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  • MAJOR GLITCH The game is randomly removing Castellan Equipment, I had no sands and no ice castellan this morning when I logged on. Others had no main, no fire etc some had all there castellans. GET THIS SORTED AND BE VERY QUICK ABOUT IT Not happy here at all :( Get an ingame message out is the least you could do so…
  • Hi @"Poseidon X Angel" I had already seen this... I read balance as 'bank balance' leaving mine and arriving in GGE's 'bank balance.' I agree GGE needs to make money, though I disagree strongly with what they are doing here as an occasional spender I feel that I am being pushed into a corner. The implementation of the shop…
  • Query did other servers apart from GB and FR get this message, interested if we are all been stitched up. @"AmazingBrian7 (GB1)" makes a very valid point we have had 2 weeks without and now we are paying Harrod prices in a Blacksmith shop. Its all about the balance it seems but where is the balance if 2 servers have been…
  • I have no idea... what I do know is there are changes on storm and I have 17 yep just that small number of 30 mins left no 1 hours left. Seriously thinking that GGE want to make this a pay to play game... free with a level ish (just being kind here) playing field (totally rubbish) now long gone. Also thinking they want the…
  • Hang in there hummm Flippin pants !!!! I need to now WHY and WHEN and very soon Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 
  • Wasso may have the key but to honest I do not know. advice given is always appreciated :) Though not sure the mods have the answers Regards TP
  • I have found (I may be wrong) that it is the number of castles you hit is how you get the higher number fl's or bc's Dethroning imo does not add to this figure, so suggest just hit more and see what happens And suggest that you do not suggest any changes to the Blacksmith shop at this point :wink: Regards TP :)
This Dandelion is not the solution this is just a stopgap when you can stock up after this... welcome to the world of not being able to get these tools etc unless you pop out the debit/credit card. I am working on a level ish playing field which is what the blacksmith shop gave us infrequent buyers and I serious hope…
@@"dandelion1958 (GB1)"this you can do but tbh is a short lived compromise imo
It now becomes a little clearer as to why they are creating new servers small example GB1, INT3 and NL1 numbers very low. The introduction of 'state what language your alliance is' hummm At the end of the day this is a business and they need to make money so why run lots of servers with small numbers. I might be over…
  • Ok firstly I do not think this is inevitable GGE wants us to play and that is all of us So lets look at what they remove and which players it effects: Time 30 minute skips, 60 minute skips, 5h skips and 24 hour skips Horsetail Banners and Kings Banner Royal Khan Chest, Chest of the Shogun and Dignity of Berimond The…
  • One of the our members sent an email to GGE and got the following reply back. Thanks for getting in touch regarding our recent silver token shop changes. Our internal balancing teams have looked into the current price of a number of silver token items, and deemed that a number of products in this store were having a…
  • Oh and an addition. If and when you sort this stupid idea out I am expecting to have my time skips that I would have got from the blacksmith shop I do not expect to have to try and catch up the lost 7 days when I couldn't get them.... same applies to all the other stuff I would have bought. Assuming of course that you put…
  • Well after 6 long years I think my time may be coming to an end and I can get rid of this irritating game. The only thing worth playing for nowadays is chatting to the other players and I can do that on other platforms. The installation of the blacksmith was to replace the rewards we won from the events and instead we got…
  • In fact the CZ1 alliance in 13th spot URUZ_CZ1 has not got all those influence points either
  • Well Pieter - Just looking at it and now starting to think the same... Sceats lol this will take some time I no longer know why I play this game after nearly 7 long years it still is 'work in practice' Regards TP
  • In fact all of the new levels have a grey box: 

The Keep – Unlocked by skill: New Heights level 1 

Hospital – Unlocked by skill: Sober up level 1 

Though why anyone would want to do the hospital up to this
level just for an extra 100 bods in a bed I do not know 50k rubies what a
stitch up…
  • I have a question Sceats to unlock the HOL to Level 6 so we can then build the new buildings Master Brewer Bee Keeper Mead Depot Query is what will be the currency be to build these buildings and how much will they cost? Lets face it we have lots of choices nowadays :) Regards TP
  • Fusion forge is now set at level -1..... ahh that is not right :(
  • Players reporting not able to recruit troops TP