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Myself and a few members in my alliance have the same problem.
  • Seems like a decent update and a nice surprise for the community. I was intrigued by how the new tutorial was different so I started up a new account on a different server to see if it was better, however I was rather disappointed when I found I was…
  • Don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but with the dethrone fortify feature it appeared that after using it on a castle containing 1.8k troops it only added 170 troops to the castle rather than the advertised 520-1000 troops. Never happene…
  • 3 months of development and this is all that can be produced? You can't expect the player base to trust you if all we have is broken promises, vague pieces of new information and the 'ruby bonus' which isn't an update, and if it was it certainly doe…
  • (Quote) Have already had the auto-reply and briefly spoke to a member of support, explained the problem, told I would be credited part of what I was owed from one of my purchases. However, when told they'd get back to me it's now been 4 days. Am st…
  • Anyone have advice on what I could do, have had two tickets open with support for almost a week and have not heard anything from them regarding the issues I've had since Tuesday?
  • Does anyone know how long it usually takes support to deal with a ticket?
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Only problem is that the plate hasn’t been ’removed’ just nerfed and removed from it’s original set making it a piss poor piece, thus allowing ggs to not having to compensating players for the actual removal of it and replace with t…
  • Anyone else noticed the change with that Igneous Plate armour piece GGS accidently gave us twice? I see They've now added 'Dented' to the name, changed the description along with removing it from the set it was originally in, thus making it worth vi…
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 As far as I am aware Moderators do NOT get paid, it's simply voluntary and as a community everyone should respect that they do not have any control over the actual dev of the game, they're simply the messengers. 
  • Does anyone know how many people on the us1 server have the name 'breor' or something similar to it? My alliance has just accepted a new member called 'breor uk' who claims to have an account on us1 and the test server, my alliance thinking it was t…
  • hi guys, just been reseting my level 90 samurai camp to make more hits on it but unfortunately for me the game lagged and made me spend 10k rubies  (l now have 1k left) instead of a time skip. not only that but after this new update it will be near …
  • "We are currently working on a compensation package and we hope that a nice surprise will await you tomorrow." This was said yesterday about the problem with the Nomad invasion, well we certainly got that surprise didn't we?
  • From reading a lot of the comments on this thread i think it's in pretty much everyone's best interest that some of the things that have been laid out on this roadmap shouldn't be placed within the game. Normally i'm a very positive person and playe…
  • Anyone know when the next battle for berimond is or even berimond invasion? Gallantry points are so low I can't lose anymore along with many people I've spoken to. Not sure if it's to try and lower everyone back down to a more balanced playing field…
  • Thanks, just wondering as i just jumped into the event and there's a quest to loot other lords but wasn't sure as  i heard some alliances have it as set rules
  • Are there any special rules that apply in the storm islands except from 'fair play' rules as I've heard that some alliances have rules that you're not allowed to attack anyone in storm?