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  • I understand what you are trying to say. But I still say that changing Storm is just rearrranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Ruby players vs non-ruby players, yes there always has been a gap with the advantages you get. But the gap now is bigger than it has ever been before. Even 2 or 3 years ago it wasn't like now.…
  • Storm, and how many resources you need to max out build items are the least of the concerns in this game.The bigger problem which many players have been raising for a long time are:1) The hugely uneven advantages ruby players have over non ruby players. Not just in BTH (which is what this thread was about) but everywhere…
  • GGS support staff most likely won't read the forum post, and even if they do, they will say make a proper report. I suggest you do that (in the game, click help icon and then support) and there's a form you can fiull out there.Without evidence, I doubt support will do anything, there's many other obvious cases of multi…
 This bug happens to me regularly in Outer Realms on the first day of the event. Been happening since last year. Each time I've contacted support they say it's a known bug. Who knows how long until they fix it!If you are lucky enough to get a reply from GGS support the same day, they can sometimes do a manul reset.…
  • There isn't a help icon to ask for food, you will need to use chat,or if your rank is high enough, send a mass message.The alliance help icons are only for things like recruiting, healing, building.
 @"Crom Cruach" Is a resource tower the same as an obelisk? Or are they are two different things? I see a few obelisks but no resource towers.
 There's a known issue with the payouts:https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/373168/outer-realms-payout-delay
 The first time they ran the new version (one with tonics etc) I thought it was not bad, it mostly stopped the big buyers picking on the smaller players. But I really disagree with the changes they have made with the just finished version. It's back again to where the big ruby buyers can just buy success. That's the…
 LOL, we all know the answer to this already. They only care about ruby buyers, we see that so much in the game already how the balance hus swung too far in favour of them. Pretty much any event victory can be bought if you spend enough, not just buying an advantage.The inference is - if you are a ruby buyer and your…
 Post it in the right forum then or contact support, this discussion is about HTML5 feedback.
  • Well I know many here are complaining about HTML5. I can only speak about my own experience. Actually it's mostly OK for me. I have a mid range PC only, but good internet speed. The only problems I've had are minor graphics glicthes, like the graphic/banner showing someone's castle name permanently superimposed on top of…
 They could fix this explouit but it would not be easy, for example some combination of these could work:- Have more alliance rewards and less individual rewards, and make it so that if you leave an alliance you cannot rejoin it- Have a restriction that you cannot attack the same player more than once or twice during…
  • Ohh, and also what old unique equipment are you getting rid of vs still keeping?
 Couldn't agree more.I understand the need for ruby buyers to get some benefits, but the balance is totally too far in their favour, not just this event but the whole game now.As soon as you join this event and your bird ends, you just get hit by multiple players with much higher level castles, including L70's…
  • I rarely post on the forums, but I need to this time. You talk about balance in the game but this is yet another example or how the big ruby buyers get a huge advantage compared to non-ruby players.I don't mind ruby players get some advantages but the gap is just too big in the game in general, and even worse in this…
Yes, and you are still right, it's still an advantage anyway even despite the larger footprint.And the other advantage, as far as I know, it can't catch on fire/be destroyed if you are at war. Our alliance is, and I've yet to have any relic greenhouses burn even when most other buildings are.Have a nice day too! :)
That production comparison is a bit misleading, because a Relic Greenhouse takes up double the space of a Granary. But overall, yes I think it's worth it, especially once you upgrade it - not only with the extra food production but the extra food storage space you get too. Put a high level base food production gem on…
Are you sure the max for CY bonus is 100% in PvP? According the the stat window for relic commander, I see only max 20%?
  • Yes, same here, but I noticed it does still deduct your coins when you click it! So they take our coins but the progress is not recorded. I can't believe how many bugs happen in this game.
  • This is happening to me too, but I narrowed it down to only happening when:1) Commander has the Demon Fortress / Cow King Look item on it, and2) That commander is out on the map When that commander is not either outbound or returning, I don't have this bug.For me it's the icons in the lower right hand corner that have all…