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 Sometimes it used to happen faster in FL / BC. I still remember once, years ago, when the horsetails were still quite rare so they were used sparingly. Had a good target, so straight after spying, I sent a attack with full horsetails.Somehow once my attack hit, it had changed to a ~500 target..all those horsetails…
  • @"Crom Cruach" Any response about this issue, which still remains?
  • I'm in INT1. I don't have this problem but a couple of my teammates do.
  • I didn't see the announcement before it was removed, what did it say?
 And it still doesn't work properly. Items I had starred, after a while, the star disappears. I did this to about 8 pieces and after a few weeks (didn't notice exactly when) all the stars had dropped off.Why am I not surprised though....
  • There's been an ongoing lag in the game for quite a few weeks now, especially when scrolling the maps in the other worlds (Ice, Sand, Fire). Scrolling is very slow and takes a long time to load images as you scroll. Not only that, but often you get the connection lines between someone's castle and their RV's appearing on…
  • You're not going to get many replies by posting this in the English forum.
 "should" or "will"? Can you confirm with certainty for us?If this 50m is only for one iteration, i'm still not happy but I can live with that, I will skip this version and only play the other 2 variations as it seems 95% of other players are also doing. But really 50m is far far too much, even if only one iteration,…
  • Some players have said it's due to relic casts that have barrow capacity bonuses not recognised, but the barrows still work if you send resources within your limit before the cast bonus would be added.I haven't checked it myself as none of my currently equipped casts have that bonus, but might be worth trying as a short…
  • Did this fix already go in?https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/376500/beyond-the-horizon-downtime-between-13-00-14-30-cest Says it was going to be done yesterday, 18th.If it's been deployed already, it has failed, as there are still capitals in the event map that have no owner showing and cannot be…
  • From the long term points event (Lotus King). So right now Nomads counts for that. Every so many points you will get a silver or gold token as a reward than you can them spend at the Master Blacksmiths.I can't remember if there's other ways of getting them also, but the LTPE is the main one. This way, you can choose the…
  • Getting slightly off topic, but how about some of the other events, are their plans to rotate them back again?Blade coast has returned from time to time, it's running now - how about Thorn King and Underworld?
 We all know the daily duty resets each day, but there is a bug where sometimes they don't reset. I have conteacted support for this, when it's happened to me. They say it is a known issue that sometimes affects players. But they have been saying that since last year. It's frustrating when it doesn't reset properly…
  • This looks one of the better updates.Agree with the other comments about space, with all those new buildings that keep becoming available, there is less and less spare space to build them. Maybe need to consider some larger castle boundries? So these new units...you need food and honey to produce mead. Can you stockpile…
  • I also think GGS got lazy with some of the animations.I had turned this on for fun a few weeks ago and hardly any buildings, especially the higher level ones, have animations.EG Level 3 Flour Mill (like I have in Storm Islands) , the animation has the windmill turning. For Level 6 Flour Mill, like I have everywhere else,…
 You can't. Whoever joins the event first holds the capital and it can't then be changed. You need to plan beforehand with your alliance so that who you want to hold the capital is the first to join.Edit - sorry didn't notice this was already answered, and forum will not let me delete my post.
  • Think you better re-read what I typed, I did not contradict myself, my first point said sorry I do understand your points (you tried to quote me as saying I did not understand). I've never disagreed with your points.My point though is there are much bigger problems they need to fix in the game over and above the ones you…
 Sorry but I understand exactly what you are trying to say, about Storm, the new events, and the rewards, the time to get enough resources to build/upgrade etc. All those points are still valid. My point and opinion was, and still is, that there are much bigger problems in this game to worry about than Storm that GGS…
  • I understand what you are trying to say. But I still say that changing Storm is just rearrranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Ruby players vs non-ruby players, yes there always has been a gap with the advantages you get. But the gap now is bigger than it has ever been before. Even 2 or 3 years ago it wasn't like now.…