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  • You mention both NPC and BC. Do note that both Bloodcrow, and Foreign Lord events, don't count as NPC's for equipment bonuses, you need to use the ones with Castle Lord bonuses.NPC Bonuses are for things like Nomads, Samurai, Storm Forts, etc
 No way they will or should do that, it's open to exploit from all the double-accounters.
 So if you (GGS) promised an update on the 5th, why didn't you post this proactively on the 5th. Rather than waiting for the next day to come and people asking where's the updated information that you promised the day before. GGS attitude towards communication summarised perfectly, right there - over-promise and…
  • If you haven't already, check your video card and see if any updated drivers are available. Sometimes display / visual problems can be caused by some windows update, which the card manufacturers can then fix with an updated driver. Might not be the cause, but it's worth a try.
  • The problem is PvP attackers has become too overpowered. It's too easy to get multiple extra waves, build items that boost every aspect of an attack. So there is more on the wall making it almost impossible to hold the wall. Add on to that overpowered centre, melee, ranged and CY bonuses and it's just too overpowered. Add…
  • I agree they could make the 'Already have an account? Log in!" a bit more prominent. But also I don't think it's as hard to find as what you wrote..a couple of seconds skimming the page and I would think most people would have found it.
 Please also try listing all the current bugs now. Maybe in 5 years they will also fix those!
 And while the event was started for that part extra day, there was one person in my group who had somehow got a few thousand points, but the rest of us in the group had zero points and no way of making any. Did he still receive the gold medal for that part of the day it was active? And if so, how is that fair on all…
  • The question is, is Storm going to end after just one day and then a new one starts again? Or was this an error and they will just go in and extend it to last until the end of April?And why do players have to ask these questions, why doesn't GGS post some information about this proactively.
  • I'd rather they invest development resources to fix the many bugs, some of which have been around for years and keep being ignored by technical support, before they work on any new features.Just a few examples of the bugs that exist:- In Ice, Sand and Fire worlds, scrolling is extremely slow and you often get random white…
  • You should report this using the 'report a player' link. But, I don't fancy your chances because GGS don't seem to care about doing anything to stop all the obvious cheating.Even though most people can see it's pretty clear what's happening, GGS will probably say "ohh, for sale could mean anything, doesn't mean their…
  • i see nobody else replied yet. So: 1) Might points are based on buildings, equipment, heroes,troops (not only how many, but how good they are), titles, etc. If you won the battles but lost lots of troops your might points would drop, although to drop by 2 million seems a lot - so most likely it's a bug. There has been a…
  • For me, it's to be "better" each day, than I was yesterday, in all things. Whether that happens to be work, personal life, the game, anything. And "better" doesn't always need to be about winning, it might just be about being nicer to people, improving a skill, being happier, making a better decision on something...…
  • "Fixed soon" has a different meaning in the GGS world, vs the real world unfortunately.There's many other 'visual' bugs that have existed for much longer, some over for years, that they still haven't fixed.Just to name a few off the top of my head:- random lines flashing between RV's when you enter world map in Fire, Sand…
  • You're better off trying to get RV's closer to your castle. Not sure what your server is like, but in mine there's often free RV's, so if you check often enough you can probably get ones nearer to you anyway.And longer term, the public ones won't matter so much anyway as you will probably eventually switch to the private…
  • I'm usually quite good at managing my troops and it's been a long time since I had any deserters, but I agree this would be a nice feature to add, and I would think quite simple to implement too.The could have 2 or 3 sliders:In case of starvation:1) percentage of defenders vs attackers to desert (default, lose the…
  • The Pareto rule, more commonly known as the 80:20 rule, I am sure is true. But the difference is, if you take a shop for example, and 80% of customers (who make 20% of the shops profits) leave, the shop will still make enough profits from the remaining 20% to survive. The 20% are not affected by the 80% who stop shopping…
 What level are you? That change was only for players L70. I'm L70 and it's changed correctly for me.And it's for the quests (rewards once you complete 10), not for the individual attacks.