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  • After years of deterioration, GGS had finally found the way back up about a year ago with updates that reduced the (ridiculous) amounts of soldiers that could be acquired and that made the game more accessible (and more interesting) for low to mid ruby players (the spine of the game). However, since last summer GGS…
  • To be honest, I really don't understand why GGS is not capable to properly implement this update. If I look at how much money we all invest in this game (and more importantly, how much money my alliance lets our opponents invest in this game :smile:), I really don´t understand why GGS does not attract capable game…
  • Hi all, Big thumbs up for the recent update(s) of GGE. I have been skeptical at times in the past, but really see a big improvement in GGE's willingness to listen to its customer base and to act in their best interest. In my opinion the new offers are a massive improvement vis-a-vis the old situation. It was quite…
  • I appreciate that you include Demolition in your subscription, Damian. If you want to do it more civilized and correctly, I suggest you change it into: "War isn't great, war is creepy because of all the players from Demolition who tell false stories about us." I just changed some grammar stuff. In addition, I'm not a big…
  • Hi Steve, Great to hear you do not consider it an exploit. I wouldn't do so either if it were to affect ruby whales who pay my wage every month again. However, I think it is fair that everybody is aware of "how the shop system works" and not just a selected group of people. Given that I have been on holidays lately, you…
  • For those who already unlocked some premium levels: Is the food bonus for the premium account on top of the regular 30% food bonus or instead of this bonus? Thanks :).
  • You make a fair remark Philwaine. However, let's not forget the following: If technology to hack people's bank accounts is widely available, it's still not legal to exploit the technology. Likewise, if a bug is available to everyone, it's still not allowed to exploit the bug. It was very obvious that it was a bug and…
  • Exploiting a bug like troop cloning to steal the metro's and/or capitals of other alliances is a serious offense. Such metro's are valuable, in particular because of the amount of rubies spend on building it. In my opinion both the methodology and the seriousness of this offense is comparable to hacking somebody's bank…