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  • coin colossus is terrible. i don't gain coins nearly like i do resources so this will be the first colossus that will stay in storage. i have done every colossus event and put in my main. thanks for ruining this for me.
  • i cant log in using google chrome but i can in firefox, weird
  • i support this. another dumb idea.
  • up, then down, then up. i think the server is down, i think the server is up? i think the server is under there...
    in Server Down Comment by Timett 01.07.2014
  • could we have a separate horn system for berimond? kinda tired of searching through the list of castle and RV attacks to find what real attack is coming in. also the autopick putting an alliance all on one side put the strong players all on one side, it would be really easy to cheat and get all of an alliance group in to…
  • just click on the thing your looking for coordinates of, the info screen pops up
  • CM Malreyn, i read it, but it still doesn't explain why they made it in such a way that we cannot chat AND play simultaneously. if the idea was to make the game more social, then they sacrificed game-play, and thus the purchase of rubies, in the name of chatting. making the chat window larger would have been better, but…
  • the new chat system stinks, go back to the way it was. if new players don't see it when joining an alliance, they will be told by said alliance in short order, or after joining an alliance point an arrow at it saying "<---you can chat with your new mates here" it not like we couldn't find it and how many thousands of…
  • there is no evidence that continuing will do any good either. the point has been made, take it up with the problem, not the thing related to the problem.
  • Thank you for being on topic. We know why it is on, but to bring everyone under you banner in on a battle that should just be a simple single alliance against a single alliance is overkill and you know it. if your goal is to burn everything, congrats its done. now be done with it.
  • it's not one of them, they are all doing it, all of them. not a single allaince, like 12 allainces. they do not respond to diplomacy. edit: i have never heard of you either but we have been here a long time and have always been the better man. this is the first time we have ever brought a matter to the forum because of all…
  • it is not that way to force you to be more resourceful. you have to shift goods around to get things done. it would be too easy if every OP made all it needed and anything to make the game more complex just fits right into this games ideals. i like the complexity.
  • thank you for that very convincing argument, i will try your advice, wait, you didnt give any. just a statement with no support. here is how you support an argument: i think the drill ground should be removable. the 25% bonus only saves me 30 seconds on a veteran spearman. that's 2.5m on a set of five. really not a big…
  • oops, double posted
  • 25% is nothing anymore, since its a stack % and not a % of a %, its not much really. and the space would be better served with a castle garden, the P.O. will benefit everything and not just the barracks. my barracks runs at 340% everyday so what is a loss of 25% to 315%? that wont hurt at all.
  • i had a baron attack my main this morning, it was labled as a capture attack, i sent troops to cover it and they were and incoming attack!
    in UI Changes Comment by Timett 11.04.2013
  • yes it is...
  • ok try another then, good pic but bad sizing
  • just glad we dont have a ton of haters in here this time Doomega, your sig pic is too big
  • good until the server death