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  • If you're using google chrome you can frequently get "shockwave has crashed" or some similar message. It's because google chrome has inbuilt flash, and most people also have installed flash on their computer and when the two conflict it causes the game to crash. If this reflects your situation you need to disable google…
  • I think an attachment of the confession should be enough. As it's a family game it's difficult for them to disprove, without a confession, that someone doesn't have their whole family playing: mother, father, daughter, son, auntie, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, friend etc. People have large families these days and more and…
  • Apparently. I'm no inner-sanctum, but I know people were asking me why certain people hadn't been banned. I spoke to someone and he told me that unless you send in proof, it won't be touched. They don't look at IP addresses because it's not a reliable system. If you suspect someone of having multiple accounts, access to…
  • I think so. They absolutely 100% require proof now. And by proof, I think they mean a confession - not circumstantial evidence. Also, there's no point shooting me. I'm just the messenger.
  • Alrighty guys and gals. I've been getting quite a few PMs about this thread. It seems like everything is resolved, so I'm going to close the thread now. If you've got any questions, please let me know.
  • You need to upload the picture to an image hosting site like imgur and then use the
  • Do you have 44 defensive ranged troops?
  • Then why on Earth are you asking us? You and Bobby clearly know much more than us and whatever the full story is. Why don't you just ask Bobby, why? Considering he is all great and powerful, he should be able to answer your question.
  • If you are actually relocating now (as in the 24 hour count down has started) then no you can't cancel the relocation. It asks you a couple times if you're sure and you have to confirm each time. You increase the number of castellans by leveling up and then upgrading your estate.
  • I think it's pretty much what's already been said. He needs to extend his castle further, before the new towers will be revealed. Each extension is 1 extra tower. So 2 more extensions and he should have 16 towers. It may mean he has to level up a couple times before he can make the extension (unless he uses rubies).
  • The winner's have already been selected, but they're waiting on hearing back from some of them regarding if their name can be released or not. That's what I heard last and that was earlier this week :) I don't think it'll be too much longer.
  • I'm sorry, I don't really understand what you're saying. Also, are you saying you've got a bug/problem or have you got a question? If you demolish or construct a building it takes up a building slot. So whilst you're demolishing or building something you have to wait until you can do so again (unless you've got extra…
  • Well if you need anything from me, just give me a shout in game or on the forums :D
  • If you'd like I could ask if they could lay off you to rebuild for a while. However, if you want to keep your alliance going, I would strongly suggest getting some stronger players in your alliance. Ideally your alliance should have most players around a similar level. However, the bulk of your members are less than level…
  • The Vet Overseer was brought back on the 17th July 2013, as this affected many people. The bringing forward of the vet overseer on this date helped many users recover there losses after missing it previously due to the bug. I'm sorry if you missed that date, but you'll have to wait for the next one.
  • The advantages to the players with multiple accounts are: * More rapid support time (if in the same alliance)/guaranteed defense if they're online at time of attack. * Convergence of 2 + castles resources on 1 location. * If they join difference alliances, they can "spy" or undermine the other alliance. Et cetera No…
  • http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?39119-Aesthetic-Troop-amp-Tool-Stat-List
  • Depending on your level, you may have to extend your castle further to unlock more towers. Every castle extension adds another tower to the wall.
  • If anything has happened to your account, for example you not being able to access it, you'll need to contact support. No one on the forums will be able to answer.
  • Thanks Billy. I'm using this topic to collate all the bugs we're experiencing into one area, so we can see at a glance where issues are up to. I've not seen a topic about that issue, so if you make a topic, I'll add it to the list. :) I'd like to remind people not to go off topic in this thread. This isn't so you can…