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  • Feedback for this is being mentioned almost every day, after that it is out of our hands.  Hopefully the offers will be reworked to be presented in a less distracting way. Temprance
  • I'll forward a request for the shady lady event to be reworked. You are right, max level players should not be getting sub lvl 70 players as targets. Temprance
  • Hey, This suggestion has been brought up multiple times. Unfortunately, it is out of our hands and not something that we can easily influence.  Temprance
  • (Quote) 
This is one of the bigger reasons that such small warning time is giving, to minimize exploitation. We will make an effort to post future downtimes on the forum in a more timely manner. Temprance
  • Hey, Would you mind either replying on this thread or private messaging me about which browser/or flash version you are using? This would perhaps help the bug team in identifying the issue. Thanks, Temprance
  • Thanks for the positive feedback!! (Spoiler) I will be sure to forward this :) Temprance
  • Contacting support is the best way to get this resolved, not the forum. @"bummer (NL1)" I will bug them about the quote issue. Closing this thread now. Temprance
  • Hey, I will forward this issue. Temprance
  • Unfortunately, event schedules have ceased to be posted. It was a final decision and I do not see it coming back, even through subscriptions. @"bummer (NL1)" the quote issue is being investigated. Temprance
  • The gift is available to be collected until the end of August. However, once you log in, you have 24 hours to accept the gift otherwise it will disappear. To my knowledge it has usually been like this. Not sure why it was made confusing. EX. You lo…
  • Hey @"Estes (INT3)", You do not drag and drop the equipment, you simply click on the equipment piece you want to place and then click on its respective slot. Temprance
  • It is unlikely any changes will be made to the protection feature. On a side note, I believe it is pretty balanced as is. The fact that you can avoid getting hit in the first place is already a little excessive in a game that is <supposed> to …
  • Hey, Unfortunately, the days of posting event schedules has come to an end. I do not see this changing. Temprance
  • As a reminder, @"Wasso (INT3)" is correct. Inciting boycotts on the forum is against the Community Guidelines. We are more than welcome to hear opinions, criticisms, and suggested, but attempting to start a boycott will not be tolerated. …
  • I combined some of your threads on the same topic. To answer your other question, towers, metros, and capitals spawn in the game based on population.  Given that there has been a downtrend in the amount of people joining servers since the game and t…
  • (Quote) &#13;Hey, Due to confidentiality, there is no info that GGE can share. I'd just recommend being particularly careful with where and with whom you share your info with. Not that I am promoting it either. Temprance
  • @"Morentz (US1)", @"Joseph Henry217 (US1)", appreciate the @. It is always sad to see people cross the line into real life info, I'm sure no one wants to see that happening to anyone. Yes, I will be reporting it directly come M…
  • Hey @"mcfighter (US1)", I think it is safe to say that the gems that apply to castle lords also apply to the foreign invaders. Temprance
  • Hey, You can get 10k apprentice tokens by completing it once, and another 10k if you are active enough to complete it twice. Following that there is a large variety of sets or items you can spend this on, honestly giving more freedom than before to…
  • Hey @"Alias1 (US1)", GGE posts time frames within which the update will take place, for example 3-8AM. There is only a one minute warning mainly to prevent players from taking advantage of such a downtime by attacking other players, etc. …