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  • His ops have all already been captured. Any RV's of Kas' left are free game as he is not in Leviathan anymore.
  • I assure you, it's a done deal. Kas is gone. Take whatever BS from the past regarding Kas and disassociate it with this situation. Kas is no longer in the game, and no longer in Leviathan.
  • No Morentz, there were no exchanges by any means. Kas has officially left the game. You will see his account deleted any day.
  • thanks country. Well played. Toji, the ops were being occupied, they were never captured. So they still belonged to a player in ruins. Either way, we will continue to disagree on the point, but we can move on. PK, while we were being attacked by KoN and 3 AoD alliances at the same time, we asked Leviathan to assist in a…
    in AOD War Comment by SuperYikes 07.05.2013
  • So it seems that Confuzzion has a hard time swallowing his pride and admitting defeat. There is nothing quite like a concession littered with backhanded statements. If we had only defense in GK, why are so many of your castles and Ops on fire in GK at this very moment? I am on board with ending this war, but an not…
    in AOD War Comment by SuperYikes 07.05.2013
  • lol NC, at least you didn't tell me that this attack was coming this time!
  • Sounds like something you can resolve directly with the player who contacted your general, instead of being grumpy on the forums. SY
  • I would never want someone to stay if they are unhappy Dragon. Can you say the same? SY
  • telling them, or asking them? We don't tell anyone to join, ever. We are selective on the players we bring in, we most certainly don't steamroll people into joining us. That does nobody any good. There are many players out there in alliances who are not happy with the company they have, and are looking for a change. If a…
  • my name is on the battle report. And to add more info, you didnt even send tools in the 3rd wave, where you had your strongest troops, the TK's. I just looked at it and saw this gem and had to share.
  • NC, bringing drama to the forums is below you. It's like a cry for attention. I already told you I would look into it, yet you continue to go on a rant about it, acting like I ordered mass attacks on your alliance. Grow a pair and man up, stop crying and complaining, please. We PM'd and I tried to help you, and you…
  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????? Why would the attack have ever been 1v1?? when did we schedule a 1v1? LOL You get upset with an attack my player sends, and attack me, tell me about it to cover yourself, and try to set it up as a 1v1 after on the forums? I wont even dignify that with an answer NC. You are smarter that…
  • NC, to start: You only sent 3 waves instead of 4. You did not send nearly enough tools to compensate for my tools on the wall, let alone any bonus from my Castellan. You told me the attack was coming. And we had a 2 hour notice it was en route. I was asleep when it hit, and am very surprised I didn't have 15k defense at my…
  • only by the hundreds? lol
  • I have mine at level 7 now, and I'm beginning to wonder if its worth continuing or not.
  • Clear your cache, refresh your browser. Put paper in your printer, clean your mouse, and blow the dirt out of your keyboard. That should fix the problem. Its on our end, never theirs.
  • you would think we wouldnt have a 2nd beri event with the same problems as the first one. Disappointing to say the least. The first berimond turned off many players I have spoken with, many are not doing it this time because of all the lost rubies during the first glitchy event. Looks like they were the wiser to stay out…
  • Famous monster, YOU DECLARED WAR ON US. We have never even attacked your alliance. I gave you the opportunity end the war that YOU started. Don't be ridiculous.
  • It is only effecting one location. All my other spy reports open. but this particular one does not. It stalls and this is a screen grab of it 'loading'. I have 2 successful spy reports within 30 minutes of eachother. neither loads http://gyazo.com/8e3a289c2316262294ef4bff335d3f6e
  • recently expanded and interviewing for one position. Contact us in game and reference this thread.