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GGE is being killed on my island by my army for alleged or false Food Shortage ... and there are many foods out there. https://prnt.sc/pez4r3 I filmed everything and filed a complaint with the Support Center after every such alleged Food Shortage ... but my soldiers are starving again even though the food is there. What if it happens in all kingdoms?
Sttela (INT1)
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  • What is this??? All my decorations are gone ... also, it happened to everyone in my alliance. My Decorations are gone ... or stolen ... intentionally or accidentally ... I don't care. The important thing is that they are gone and that my loss is hu…
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Thanks for your explanation ... but I will be pleased when GGE gives me back my decorations .. because, as I said before, I have a wealth of decorations
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If do they do it ... I will cancel my account ... and I will play the puzzle    :P
  • I can't count my loss in coins ... it's tens of millions of coins   :(
  • This is my letter to gge: Where did my decorations go?This is your serious mistake or omission ... Many more than 100 of my decorations are missing (I mean the valuable ones. I can't even remember the number of small decorations I had ... but I know…
  • I will now see how much GGE-support cares about its players and clients. They did not respond to my previous message-complaint and did not resolve the error or malfunction https://prnt.sc/sgjt3b
  • I still have a problem with the implementation of my Vouscer code. I realized only1 Voucher (EMPIRE2020) ... but I didn't realize GGSEMPIREGG and ACTINETWORK.
  • Thank YouWasso (INT3) said:(Quote) 
Thank You
  • I understand the reset and the changes that will follow.My question is about Gold pieces and Silver pieces.The question is: If I don't spend all my gold and silver pieces now, will I lose that unspent gold and silver pieces Or ... afterwards reset .…
  • Now they were exaggerating.A bug exists, I informed the Support Center, but no one did anything.This is player ignoring. This is a shame for GGE.This is one of my last messages to the Support Center. https://prnt.sc/pf1ft9 I'm very angry.
  • This is crazy ... the amount of food goes up ... and the Foodshortage repeats ... at regular intervals https://prnt.sc/pezo87
  • This is not normal! https://prnt.sc/p5f415 We don't see the map because the map is hidden by offersFour offers are visible, but there are ten!We cannot play without extreme concentration.This is not normal!Handle it in a smarter way ... more fair fo…
  • However ... this needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Anything that impairs player concentration is counterproductive to GGE. Because if I am not satisfied and I have any annoyance, I will be nervous and I will shop less. many players think sim…
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I know it ... but ... a small (or large) irony helps me not to be too angry because ... if I get my banners late ... I will not play this event well. This irony might help and GGE-support ... because ... I expect people who work pro…
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You are talking about extra spending coins for extraction items ... but this is not the only increase in consumption. We're losing the army ... and we spend huge sums of coins for the production of new soldiers.even if the GGE decid…
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Three questions have been asked: I can not do it ... they do not know or do not want to.If they can not and do not know ... it's a shame for GGEIf they do not want ... that's their attempt to make us waste our money and buy a lot mo…
  • Me and my friends have a food problem. Food production has been reduced a lot. Food production is reduced to 2-4 k / hour in all my castles I read the notification of this bug ... it  the noticehttps://prnt.sc/nrxkriI made refreshing / re-logging ..…
  • I'm sorry for the administrators ... It's not easy for them because they are the players. They know that we are talking about the truth here and that all this is happening ... but they must protect the employer's interest even when it is illogical a…
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We are both talking about the same thing. If we look all that is happening in the last days at each other as traders ... this is a bad buy. I only pay for quality. Nobody will get my money for the product below the expected quality.…
  • I'm not interested in that, sorry. I said ... my money will not get   as long as these things will happeningThere is a test server ... if necessary and if someone cares ... let them make 1, 2, 3 ... how much a test servers should be and a hundred te…