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you didn't keep any fire casts? i know that relic buildings don't burn but the granaries are still a decent source of food put it like this - why save a BD commander if you don't think a fire cast has any value?
  • Excellent that they sorted the brewery slide bar. I know that for people with lvl 14 breweries 1% is still a big difference but being able to set it there by yourself is quite useful. The faster animation in the forge is a small but appreciated change
Well if no one made any purchases at all the game would cease to exist. I buy only in two instances 1) to avoid the adds every 2 months 2) from time to time i spend 2.49 pounds in outer realm. My spending is not what keeps the game going, but its small enough given the enjoyment i get (most of the time)
Is it possible that your food or honey inventory reached the limit you had set? If so that could explain it
Its clearly a negative as regards mead, but making the switch is more or less inevitable - the number of troops you can hold when you get a lvl 14 brewery is staggering. With 100k food production you can support 125k mead troops and those mead troops are a lot stronger than normal troops, they heal faster and are…
  • If dark mind was correct that he (she?) was running a burn of 400/h the brewery would not have reset at all since it wasn't getting full. As an aside i don't think GGE thinks the brewery reset is an "issue" but rather a feature that forces players to constantly log on to manage their mead inventory. 
  • Actually i guess they won't launch a KL tomorrow but rather once Blood Crow has finished
  • From GGS perspective giving a schedule locks them into something and makes it harder for them to make changes on short term notice as they'd get a lot of fire, so whilst its nice to have a schedule, i can also see why there is little upside for GGS to give it to us. As regards what Poseidon can and can't say - 14:36 it was…
To be fair to Poseidon and GGS - of course the moderators get information in advance and of course GGS expects the moderators to keep things secret until its supposed to become public knowledge My guess is that there will be some changes to make one ot the limiting factors (fabric, sceats or construction tokens) more…
Ok, fair enough - are those the new towers that were mentioned? I read it as two different pieces of news - new towers and sand/fire/ice would change appearance. Second: do you have any info on the Apprentice Token Vendor?
I don't see any new towers, and i guess they ones in fire/sand/ice might look different but i don't see any difference tbh...
A simple question - the only difference seems to be Decorative Items vs All public order items. I'm not quite sure what the difference would be as buildings with PO effects don't automatically return so what are we talking about?
  • PS this also means that if you ever go on holiday more or less all your mead troops will starve as the production will step by step be set lower and lower. The question to GGS is if this is a feature of mead troops or a flaw - i.e. is this meant to force any player that wants to keep his or her mead troops to PW share or…
  • I want to return to this issue as i can be in the black for food, honey and mead - all at the same time, but the moment my mead storage becomes full the brewery automatically switches to the highest whole production percentage that leaves me in the red for mead. At level 14 each percentage point implies 6.5k mead so my…
Thx - will speed up in storm then
DO you know if it is possible to do two types of research in parallel - that is, one type of troop and one type of building? If so hunting sceats in storm just became a lot more attractive.
I included Cheeky's comment as it deserves to be repeated. A player who spends a lot of money on the game isn't spending hours and hours of going after 1650 PO items. You'd get 2400 or higher for rubies (looted or bought) or pure money. If you are chasing 1650 PO items, you're doing it because you are NOT spending…
That math is wrong on a lot of levels. The increase for a 8 compared to a 6 is much less than 33% as it ignores the effect from the sub 100% buildings - assuming you have buildings down to for instance 10% the increase is only 24%. However that ignores all the food production from food production items, the normal…