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  • Just an update - My level 1 alliance with a lot of hard work has room for 25 and is a level 6, and during that time I went to a larger alliance learned a lot and went back to my Original alliance to train others. I look back on this conversation and there is a bit of Engineering wisdom "what you can merge together, should…
  • As with any changes, it takes a while for the correct usage Not sure I like the weird way I have to get to forums One would think pushing the forum tab ingame that where you want to go But it takes me to the GGE page. Then you hit the forum tab and it takes you to the German forum page Then when you hit "accuate"? Well…
  • Seems they realized not everyone is a "70" not everyone is a lifer - but for those that are ....above lvl 70 is going to get VERY Interesting
  • I want to thank GGE for this last update - at least it will be MY last as the fun is over. I have a job and it pays me to work. I see no reason to pay someone so I can work at a game. The issue of multi- player will become worse as who will want to see anybody with lvl 52 or higher buildings going to ruin. Everyone take a…
  • Just remember you will be warned 3 hours to change your mind - and 24 for the whole cycle. Don't forget to change your castillians equipment before your next capture.
  • Ok, how about this. We are a level 1 alliance and all of our members are curious about joining a level 3. There's no way for us to keep all of the resources in our cash box? We have a lot stored, and I don't want to lose it by joining another alliance. Do we really lose those if they take us in?