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  • Indeed No more Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité only 1% of the server may play Outer Realms now, Good work GGE, destroying the game for almost everyone :( Say so GGE, if you want that all players must quit the game entirely !!!!Many are quiting the game already because the unfairness you are introducing in these Corona times…
  • The pleasure of the game is rapidly decreasing. The Rudy-MRs(top player on DE server) are laughing, while all other are wating until pleasure in the game returns. The online level is dropping rapidly and many are considering quiting the game because of this extreme unfairness. But that's the wish of GGE, a game for…
  • This update is a form of discrimination between the big spenders who are at maximum level (5%) and all others (95%) It is a pity that GGE chooses this, to spoil the fun for most players, who now have fewer chances again.
  • Message deleted for violating the boycott discussion rule. -Poseidon
  • GGE macht keinen Spaß mehr und ist jetzt arrogant 50 Millionen Münzen, für einige Spieler wird es Monate dauern, bis sie es bekommen Das werden nur wenige Spieler tun, die wenigen glücklichen und dass in Zeiten, in denen viele Menschen aufgrund einer Koronakrise ihre Jobs verlieren, sie GGE haben, um mit Freunden zu…
  • GGE is no more fun and is now arrogant 50 million coins, for some players it will take months to get itonly a few players will do that, the happy few and that in times, when many people will lose there jobs because of corona-crisis, then they have GGE to speak with friends and play with friends, but playing is not allowed…
  • Only the top6000 can get it now. 50million coins, even players that are every day online, cant get that everytimeAnd more and more buildings needs those stupid buildingcoins Crazyness on top Horizon event is also impossible for normal players, only crazy Germans will win :-(((
  • Indeed, what extremely unfair this is!We (the players with the bugs) expect compensation for this. Or a complete reset of the Nomad event! With bugs for no one, instead of bugs for a part of the players!!
  • Why is it not possible anymore to time skip the Khan Tower ? Only 1 attack and then waiting the time?
  • Why is it not possible anymore to time skip the Khan Tower ? Only 1 attack and then waiting the time?
  • GGE=Good Gigantic Error