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  • Hes talking about beri in green not outer beri. Last time beri invasion popped up was in april, it's an extinct breed lmao
  • Well I'll be content as long as this issue not pushed away day by day constantly until it's forgotten. 
  • Sassy Crom, I like it.
  • Also, the fact that the announcement was less story based is also a welcome change. If you keep this kind of balance up I think it'll be good. 
  • @"Crom Cruach" thanks a lot for bringing the feedback up! Deffo will help with the new season festival as well :D
  • Thank a ton for listening to the time skips thing! solid update for sure
  • Civilization is pretty neat, I like 6 a lot but 5 is pretty decent. Anyway it's been well over a week since this discussion started, did you manage to speak to the game design team yet about time skips? @"Crom Cruach" Hopefully something good comes out of this, in the end we're not asking for the world haha 
  • @"FamousJohn8 (GB1)" we shouldn't accept less skips or more "5/10m skips" if all GGE has to do is increase the cap in the silver shop to make our lives easier. It's just whack balancing to have 50 skips per week, 200+ is fine and will honestly be the perfect balance between non-ruby and ruby players.
  • Re: shops reset If you look at the announcment Crom initially put about the wrong shop, it says it will be fixed tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see if the shops itself change what they offer or not, but a weekly reset is pretty good. 
  • You can get 1k of each berimond tool in the silvershop, if it does in fact reset weekly you can get 1k of each beri tools per week. Now Imagine those tools with the two times beri pops up per month. But it's unknown if that's the current case or not, maybe a clarification on the shops & resets would be helpful @"Crom…
  • I don't think GGS will stoop that low and delete all the apprentice tokens, afterall the gold ship is literally the same apprentice shop + a few new items. It also says you get gold coins from the festival so yeah.. it doesn't make sense to wipe em out lol
  • Since the update notes posted here are more of a story than actual patchnotes; your apprentice tokens will be converted to gold coins. the apprentice shop will still be there. So don't go on a spree yet, they're adding bunch of sets etc to the gold shop. Here's a readable patch notes; should still be the…
  • If it's the same as the test server, you'll only be able to get 50 timeskips of 1 hour and 30m per month. I mean literally 50, not 50 bundles, just 50 timeskips. Just let that sink in lol
  • It's been a month since it poofed https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/comment/5071986 Of course special offers breaking is more important and higher on the list to fix.. ;) 
  • Yeah I saw, given that the silver shop is tied to the blacksmith I'm confident in saying that'll we will only get 50 skips per month of each. An easy solution is to slap another 0 to the 10.. make it 50 -> 500 per month. Not ideal but way more reasonable. 
  • Since when did we become so complaisant to time skips changes? lol I do hope they address it soon
  • Can you please address the time skips thing? will it actually be limited to 50 each per month or is this silver shop resetting per event or..?? @"Crom Cruach" @"Dr. Cortex"
  • It is a promising update, but one of the glaring issue is the lack of time skips we will be able to get? If they run the shop like the apprentice rn, you'll only get 50 skips of 30m & 1 hr PER MONTH?? Unless it will run regularly per week or something? 
  • HTML5 works way better for me than Flash, but I really can't blame GGE for not supporting a discontinued product. 
  • @"Crom Cruach" can you look into it though? Maybe the new materials pushed it out, or it was disabled on accident. Deleting one item and calling it a rotation seems a bit of a joke... VIP time from the blacksmith can help out in a pinch if you're running out for one reason or another, so yeah. If a feature doesn't benefit…