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  • Have you noticed there haven't been any lucky coins to be gotten in over a month now?
  • When you click on the "info" button for the various things offered by the "Apprentice Blacksmith" the info just repeats the original description. It doesn't explain if the thing you're interested in increases strength, speed, or…
  • How can you still recruit when it's taking you into the Seige workshop? How do you select the proper troops to recruit when you can't see them? I closed my IE session and opened Chrome instead and my Barracks worked properly for about 4 places (but …
  • Spider Robinson (writer) God is an iron.  If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron.
  • I was trying to do an attack in Everwinter and encountered the problem twice while trying to set up an attack. Opened forum chat, and was beginning to write out each step and the requirements to attack the Barbarian fortress changed... very weird b…
  • Even with an alliance to support you the system should try to support you too. It would be nice if after you were attacked you could not be attacked by anyone again for 24 hours (including sabotage). It's not right that the larger alliances can pi…
  • I suspect Graycat has it right which makes it twice as frustrating. I've always wondered why if I send troops out to attack overnight I don't get the glory when I log in - even though their arrival would be after midnight. Basically if I want to d…
  • This game definitely does seem to encourage bullying. The game allows it because they know some people will spend real money to buy rubies to make repairs. However, we don't have to buy into it. First off, the name of the game is Empire, not War.…
  • That's the part I would like to see changed with both the Architect & the Researcher. Have them stick around for at least 24 hours (1 full day). This would allow players to move resources to the place that needs it and get some of these projec…
  • I like the idea of the short to long list. Short ones I might spend the rubies to finish quickly or use my skip time. Long ones I would leave to run while I'm away. Right now, I do try to search through my burning buildings to find the shortest - b…
  • The only thing you can do is joint a tougher alliance with a level 70 willing to protect you.