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Alliance tournament Mates a long time it has been since we last attended the alliance tournament, I think GGS is making the game easy to play apparently but pushing us to buys rubies generally, people are getting short on feathers, Lucky Pennies, and stuff but no .... no alliance tournament
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why not brother, you can ask me on the game, or you can ask Logan, Muffins 2.0 is also online so he might help too
  • IS JAN DEAD!!!???
  • We require some mates from our own server, asia1, if they r interested to join up our sub alliances, we will be more than happy We,however less in numbers, are powerfull enough to protect our comrades when the time comes... We just need some playe…
  • But the only wish drunken fist players have rn is dat chepy comes back..... Alongwith pugssley, fully active.... Only then can we become the BESt again
  • Drunken fist needs hellla good players from other servers, for our subs and other so that we finally able to brk the tyranny on asia1, nd we look specially to usa1,int1,uk1 servers..... They were always gd help in warz...

  • And as many have the perspective that Drunken Fist is all boastful and tyrant, and bullies everybody, well speaking truly, it does not, at least not after what happened recently :D ..... Drunken Fist is now super Modest , but WARS they cant just lea…
  • Asia1 is a small server, with great opportunities to players like those who play in US1 and UK1, which are diverse and huge servers, i have seen how hard it is to get a membership in the top 20 alliances in US1 server, i played there, left in 2016 .…
  • Imagine you login your account in super hasty, your troops are dying in 2 hours due to food deficiency, but you have to hit something REALLY important from the REAL world, what do you do? you will visit the world map, select a target and start a loo…
  • But mate, if you turn funlands into business parlours or say casino, it aint fun no more, i say that this new update, dumb as it is, aint giving any rights to none the only thing it is giving GGS is a chance to make money, or else, a mass server st…
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I just want you to do me this single favour You see that GGS is super dumb removing the wartime looting bbonus, you guys are turning the game into a blody buisness rather than fun, and besides, GG claimed that it was a trick of the…
  • Ruby buyers are the badasses of the servers but the lucky pennny thing, they were something gud for us resource players, just a lil hope, we could manage at least,i know, with difficulty ,to upgrade our stables and watchtowers, but this loser update…
  • I think GGE should make something on the "Harry Potter" theme
making commander sets based on "Elder Wand, Deathly Hallows, Horcruxes, artifacts of Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw to make a twist in the game and…
  • I agree with Bangkok, ASIA1 is sick of the Russian Tyranny and their bullying, I respect DF for these are legends such as xxHeartlessxx, LaserJet and Comqueror in it, They aren't bullies but noble lords, honoured knights they are(Quote) 
  • Hi I am RK from asia1, an old member of DF family I was in the last DF v.  Русь Великая war and saw how  Русь Великая sent Lika begging to DF for mercy and termination of war .. but this time DF's performance is too hopeless due to the reasons that…