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  • This could incorporate the new level brackets somehow, too. Such as, if you are level 70 then you can only get honor/glory from level 40-49 players who are within a 500 honor range, but a 1,000 honor range from players 50-70. Overall, I do agree. The range needs to be increased
  • It will relocate itself back into your storage after the event is over. If, by some random bug or glitch they do disappear, simply contact support and I'm sure they can help you.
  • I'm not sure on the exact amount of time but it seems way less than 50%. I thought this would have been implemented with the last update but I guess that only applies for rvs... :/
  • You can use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the map. Make sure you click on the map background first (cannot be in ally chat) otherwise it won't do anything. Also, on the bottom right tool bar, there's an icon with a little yellow circle, "search enemies for honor." Clicking that shows you your 10 closest…
  • It's small and grants a permanent public order bonus. Square for square, a castle full of Berimond decos will give more public order than a castle for of gardens. Plus they tell everybody that you're a winner :D
  • This is intended. I believe starting at level 25 (I may be wrong) tools and troops will automatically be set to 5. This will save you a boatload of time in the future when you're recruiting 25 soldiers/tools in each of your 7 castles.
  • The event has no effect on the outcome of forged or found equipment. What you get is what you get, and to date, I haven't found or heard a single algorithm to help determine the attribute or commander/castellan quality. The only thing that is definite is that 6 ordinaries make a rare, 6 rares make an epic, and 6 epics make…
  • Update: My blockage was partially relieved after dinner tonight. Amazing how prune juice cleans the body!!
  • I spent 12.5k rubies on a 20% moat. If I don't want to spend more to upgrade it, a level 2 resource moat will provide an equal or greater bonus? :thumbdown: Base level anything will never change. Prices may be tweaked from time to time but bonus/reduction will always remain constant. Even a small change like boosting…
  • I love relaying personal problems to the public sector! In fact, I recently emailed the media some coverage on my current bowel obstruction. Hoping for prime time. Fingers crossed, people!
  • The Rat Pack checking in to say hello! How is our server doing? :D
  • 2nd'd. This would ruin any chance of winning an attack in green.
  • It's not something to give people an edge later on in the game. These new updates are geared to keep new players interested and active in the game so that they will continue to play. I like all of the new updates for new players. Giving them free wood/stone/coins, free equipment, and easy rubies makes it easier to level…
  • The system works! :D As they should. It's their armorer counterpart, the boulders, that have 28 speed.
  • Anybody is fair game to attack. The only reason anybody is "off-limits" is because of the repercussions that might follow an attack. If anybody leaves their alliance for any reason, or makes a 1-man alliance of their own, there is no fault in attacking them. An alliance protects its members via pacts and treaties and if a…
  • I've seen attacks that used over 100 glory banners and killed over 1,000 veteran attackers which only gave around 5,000 glory. Pretty damn low, compared to the 130,000+ glory of the past lol. I think they fixed it up pretty well
  • Thanks, Krish. You're one of the good guys :)
  • Make your own thread and ask for help :)
  • Providing times, dates, and locations for mass attacks isn't directly helping? We've been trying to get those guys to join us since before the last war ended with Invictus. Beneficial coincidence that our war picked back up shortly after they finally caved and joined lol. I don't mean to sound like a child, but they…
  • This is funny to me because of the "chats" we had about Invictus ater they kicked you out. The kettle isn't as black as you make it out to seem, pot.