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  • Hey buddy :) TDS elite is against them fools and recruiting and we have lots of strong players who are looking for a place in the top of the server I will contact you in game about it for more :) PJ
  • typical -_-
  • GGS need to get their acts up this aint good at all!
  • think they are the same guy aha but either way it would be cool :D
  • Draw the herald of the alliance tournament that will be cool and besides its a good start for the thread aha (I take it that's what your looking for)
  • I see your point of course but I think we need more risk takers everyone plays it quite safe so this will force them to change and adapt a lot more.
  • Thanks for you point however I disagree with you this as this idea will also make less need for guardhouses so therefore more space for decoration therefore bigger armies resulting in more thrilling battles. :D yes but that will then take out the spying idea. yes but then it would only be one that they can see so it might…
  • Yes but its just a shorter version of what you would already do if you was online besides more fun really.
  • unique items only come in events I think some please correct me if im wrong
  • sorry buddy can you go to Specsavers this war is over a capital which you will probably wont have much to do with cos im guessing you wont last long in a big alliance till you get your eyes checked out ;) lol
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 15.04.2014
  • may work for you but I wanna make sure in case a lot of people make the same mistake :P
  • so vets are now suicide units now??
  • dude I like your thinking :D
  • sweet and toffee mmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 07.04.2014
  • make sure he gets me some im low too :P
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 07.04.2014
  • I wouldn't say that making the thread die out would be the best thing to do as this could help neutral alliances see what is going on and possibly pick a side.
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 07.04.2014
  • lol that made me laugh too much yes egg heads with beep pockets that only buy laptops turnips and of course loads of rubies lol
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 06.04.2014
  • YET even for them if they were stolen you would use it as a reason to burn an alliance to the ground and go mental hmm so crapital isn't it! taken warmly :D wow jross has someone hit you round the head I haven't see agreed with you so much in ages (or have I been hit around the head?) :P I see what you did there and I…
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 04.04.2014
  • If the are 'crapitals' why are you so desperate to get your hands on two if you think they are that bad don't even bother going after them. but hey your not going to do that are you! prove that you are a very big liar who wants to take all the centres of power. so no its not a favour its abomination. my point above has…
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 04.04.2014
  • I bow in respect to you buddy :P
    in En1 War Comment by PJboi 03.04.2014