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  • Please would someone be kind enough to put how many buildings you can move into the military district (and for that matter the other two as well) for each level. Many thanks
  • Of course buying rubies should make the game easier/faster/more rewarding to play - why else would rubies be there! And of course GGE needs to turn a profit to stay in business (although it would be nice if they ploughed some more of that income into development, progress and bug fixing). Used to be a time when buying…
  • No that isn't the case - the City States that have been captured and completed disappear off the map and return after the changeover time. The ones that still exist on the map disappear at the same time as the observation towers do, and they return if they are in the respawn area, or if they are in the area that is not…
  • I can confirm from experience that the "not us, try them" merry go round never ends. For some reason one of my payments had a problem and I tried to get the card changed to another one, GGE said it wasn't them, go to PaymentWall or whatever they are called. Got onto them and they said no it wasn't them, contact GGE. Did…
  • There is a bug in horizon whereby it is taking over 6 hours (without coins) to cap a City State only 20 clicks away and over 4 hours with coins - used to be less than 30 mins before.
  • I suspect it is a bug as for some it doesnt reset to zero it resets to the highest % where you still have a negative production But then again those people have different bugs. Some major some minor. "my bug" is that my nobility contest shows the wrong progression rewards all day, only giving the correct ones at the…
  • click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click SPLAT!!!!! (probably the most fun thing left in the game)
 On the initial login screen, down the bottom centre of the screen is a little box showing the server you are on, and allowing you to select other servers.
  • The blacksmith tent is missing the limitless 1% brown beri booster carts and the limitless horsetails, and also the time skips on the GB1 Server. Seems they are still there on other servers though
  • Thanks @"Wasso (INT3)" for providing the answer for me
  • It's a combination of Food symbol on your coat of arms Food Overseer Beri food bonus Hunting Lodge VIP food bonus Subscription #1 gives food bonus Research - plow and three field crop rotation Relic greenhouses and conservatories A good number of highly upgraded granaries Base and standard construction items in the right…
  • Hi A useful addition to this thread would be a description of the district buildings, what you can put in them, the cost of building and upgrading, the footprint, which castles you can have them in etc. Thank you Os
I wouldn't worry too much - by the time you have filled your castles with them, GGS will bring out some more decos with better PO so you can swap them all out....
So what happened to the Tonic version? Are you saying that's now consigned to the history books? Pity, that was my favourite one/
  • Well there is always a silver lining - lately I have been getting a lot of lag again, which I always did when OR or Horizon or Beri were on. Since they are on permanently, the lag has become permanent. With such a high entry price, the number of people playing OR will be a third of the usual numbers, or less. So the lag…
  • yes that is a long standing fault in the wording
  • I have been informed it is only happening to people who were in Beri. Not that it is any comfort!
  • and on GB1 clearing cache and refreshing has no effect. No decos or fusion decos other than the ones we won this morning at the end of Bloodcrows
  • Oh don't refresh - just click on him really fast about 12-14 times and he will explode in a sea of red If you leave your screen in castle view mode for a long time the little chaps stack up several deep. You can have quite a bloodbath Splatting them away. It makes for a bit of amusement - not something the game is famed…
  • It would be so much easier if they would only bring back the monthly schedule - it does allow people to plan better and probably play harder. And of course we know that sometimes things go awry - but that is solved with a log-in splash screen, entry on forum etc, explaining that a change to the published schedule is…