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  • Same here. Since I'm a native speaker of German, I usually frequent the German GGE boards. Let me assure you that the outcry there is just as loud as here, if not even louder. People are complaining, or telling of their decision to leave Empire once they lose their *old* premium, or just leaving anyway. Others claim that…
  • No, there are no outposts in ice. But you can conquer villages to boost your production. Each village helps you with one resource, either stone, wood or food. You can have up to 5 villages for each resource in ice, 10 in desert and 15 in volcano - or so I heard.
  • Yes, it's quite simple, really. Depending on your level, you can attack with 1 - 4 waves. (Don't ask me at which levels you get another wave - I suspect you get your 2nd around lv 20 and your 3rd around level 30, but I don't know for sure.) In each wave, the maximum number of soldier depends on the level of the player…
  • Personally, I think that fire in your castle/outpost is bad enough as it is. Fire can lower production, troop recruitment and building of tools significantly, and actually putting out the fires is a very tedious (or ruby-expensive) task. Not to mention that a burning outpost or castle is like an open invitation for other…
    in Fire Comment by Olympe 16.01.2013
  • Ask your alliance to help you? Or join an alliance that will help you? Find the enemy of your enemy and ask them to help you? (The saying about the enemy of your enemy being your friend might just prove true.)
    in Fair Comment by Olympe 13.01.2013
  • This, pretty much. Although the person you suspect of having a multi-account might have family members playing. (Or at least pretend to have family members playing - which is hard to disprove.)
  • Well, I've been given this offer somewhere around level 14 for whatever reason. But, yeah, I'd love to see it as a regular event.
  • Yes, there is. One week and 5000 rubies later.
  • Hmm. Ever tried sending spies first? They usually tell you about which kinds of tools are used... (I feel like I missed something obvious here.)
  • Maybe you forgot to add a blank after a period/full stop? Because if you do, the game "thinks" you're trying to send a web address, which is forbidden. And, yes, I think system is one of the words you may not use. Misspell it, maybe?
  • Why do you bump it? Because you want either praise or the ability to shoot down someone else's idea with one word only? And please stop spamming your own thread, or people won't want to read it. :(
  • There is a newbie protection that protects players up to level 11 from attacks of people with a higher level, but after that, the protection wears off completely. So, as soon as you hit level 12, you're free game for anyone up to level 60.
  • The soldiers in the outposts stay. (I'm speaking from experience here - I attacked an outpost belonging to a ruin before.) At least as long as they get fed. :) So, yes, the outposts of a ruin can still be very well guarded.
  • Well, no idea. But you can find out how long ruins will still be around. Just use the "Relocate Main Castle" feature. (It doesn't cost any rubies as long as you don't choose a new location, so don't worry!) Once you are in the relocation mode, you can see how long ruins will stay, before being deleted, which usually takes…
  • Aber wenn ihr all diese super-duper-tollen MegaGigaSonderangebote (natürlich nur für euch) nicht seht, gebt ihr ja kein zusätzliches Geld für Empire aus. Wer will denn das verantworten?
  • Mach dir keine Sorgen, das ist in jedem Update enthalten. Und auch oft genug in den Patches und Bugfixes.
  • ... zumindest sollte es für eine Bäckerei reichen. Nur: Du wirst irgendwann in jeder Welt eine brauchen. Und das nicht nur auf Stufe 1, sondern idealerweise auf Stufe 4. Lass es lieber bleiben, Empire ist einfach zu teuer geworden.