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  • there is no difficulty in me recognising fact and opinion, i can distinguish quite capably between the two. and i wasn't saying that because i was wrong i was sh*t, it was because if i cant make top 50 without rubies and others can on my server then i must be sh*t, a clear difference between the two.
  • well you are entitled to your opinion, like i am also. Doesnt matter what any of you say, my opinion will remain the same. I hope someone from UK server does speak up because either way i can stand by my opinion untill the day i die, or i can admit that i am sh*t
  • its not denying facts when i haven't heard one person from my own server who has done it. then it remains an opinion. I couldnt care less whats happened on another server, as far as i am concerned its a total different game, which has no baring on me what so ever.
Lol, well sometimes i cant help myself in replying from comments, especially when my name is tagged in a post. defend my position? i haven't got anything to defend, its my opinion. and i stand by my opinion. I must admit i did make a mistake in previous comments about berri shields, as that is more about gallantry…
  • The ghosts always come out at night.
  •  :neutral:
 i know hitting towers gives coins, but even with doing this you need to use skips, which is a different issue. but this is not my point. my point is berri should be paying out more coins for the losses of soldiers. i think my point in a way has been proved anyway by all these comments. by you all saying save coins…
  • You miss my point totally really, and maybe this is my fault in not explaining things, and maybe i should just stop messaging. from your message though its intrigued me in what you say that every event supports each other? Nomads yeah you get horsetails for FL, what other events are supported by others? i must be tired if…
  • ok, putting nomads totally to one side, nomads inst even part of berri so wtf are you talking about dylan42. I am talking about berri comp in green only, not any other competition, just and only berri, not nomads, BERRI! The amount of coins accrued in the berri comp do not add up at all to the amount of losses per hit.…
  • unfortunately as we don't see peoples score from the ranking there is no way of clarifying of what it took for top 50. im presuming you guys didnt get top 50 this time round? Although i think there were some decent points from this beri, I still think GGS got this wrong though. coins do not add up to the losses accrued per…
so are you saying you are in the top 50 with that score as a level 70?
  • I didnt compare servers, or that wasn't my intention to do so anyway, i know nothing about the US server nor am i interested, i was just pointing out when you come to the UK server manage to get top 50 then you can make a judgement, as it is my feeling that people are hungry for berri comps on the UK server. i think…
i never mentioned anything about comparing servers, i merely said come to the UK server and basically try it here see if you can manage getting top 50 without buying rubies. I really dont think you will manage it. Im online everyday, i have played this game for 6 years+, and although i am not the most powerful member…
  • To be fair though there is a massive UK server war on at the moment, bring on alliance tourni i say.
  • by the way, nice to see my alliance in 4th place. doing well. :)
  • well each alliance has 65 members in. there are 50 places for top 50 prize obviously, only takes a few alliances and those top spots are filled. Tbh those scores in Germany are massive, they must have more hunger or money than us here lol
  • When you come into the UK server and experience the hunger for berimond then you can make a judgement on who and who doesn't need to spend on rubies. 
yeah base food items would be worth it if your willing to spend ££$$£$£ 's on ending in the top 100-50 etc places. i know what some of my members have got in terms of berri scores, and ill just put it out there im not willing to compete on this one lol
  • The Admittedly so the cast is pretty good, cant argue against that at all, if I did then I would just look a fool. The comm is no different to anything I have already, it isn't special in anyway shape or form. Saying this there are only a few pieces of deco per berri so will take some time to collect. The deco is pretty…
  • well my camps are giving out the same amount of points no matter the level, and the levels so far have gone from level 74 down to level 71 then back upto level 75, down to level 73? dont know if that is meant to happen either tbh lol,