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  • I can only talk from my experience on my server, and from I can tell the majority of players don't fight for honor anymore. It's the same players holding the top spots. Sure for these players they might not be interested in changing the status quo, but objectively you could say that the current system of honor doesn't help…
Yeah, cause both gallantry and glory are better for maintaining interest from players, cause they have to keep participating in events with gallantry and glory if they want to keep their titles and perks. The current system of honor doesn't incentivize continued participation in PvP, cause if you have achieved let's…
  • I am glad that you finally added boulders to the monthly event. But when will we get the new PvP mechanic that you mentioned many weeks ago?
  • I would find it incredibly annoying if there were NPC attacks in storm. First off you can only have very few troops in storm unless you want a massive deficit of food, and if there were NPC attacks, then you'd have to have defenders as well adding onto the deficit. No this is a bad idea, sorry to say. What I'd personally…
  • It has been quite a few weeks since goodgame said they were working on a new PvP mechanic, so can we please get some news with regards to that?? I am bored out of my mind with these grindy and repetitive events. I couldn't care less that you are updating the rewards in the events, cause it's the same boring gameplay. Give…
  • jesus how are you people so retarded... you can loot the fucking towers that are scattered all around your fucking castles! Attack the towers to get food you moron
 Almost every update bugs up the game to a ridiculous degree. But at least they caught this one. Though I wonder if this is incompetence on the side of the devs or the fact that the game is an old p.o.s. flash game that this keeps on happening. 
As the others have said, there is nothing realistic about this game, so realism should not be a factor when deciding gameplay design. What is important is to improve the gameplay experience for us players, even if it might not be realistic. Tools is a major reason why PvP is dying. It is bonkers how expensive it is…
  • What you might not realise is that the players who are always at the top in FL/bloodcrows, they are there because they attack an UNGODLY amount of castles everytime. And I know FOR A FACT that some of them share their account, so it is actually many players using the same account and attacking around the clock. You will…
  • Don't you think they'll eventually get around to update the BC too? They are probably busy with the september update right now. Personally I'd rather they focus on getting out the new PvP mechanic that they have promised.
  • Yeah you are right raggle. I didn't read your comment before posting, my bad. I just got attacked again and the report said 55 khan medals, but it was really 350 khan medals. :p
  • Wonderful! What a great change goodgame, now I will be able to buy something from the khan store in 40 years. Thank you so very much for making the khan event even more grindy than it was. BRILLIANT!!!
  • Goodgame has promised to introduce a new PvP mechanic. Hopefully that will make more players want to attack each others. But they are very tight-lipped about this new mechanic, so we know nothing about it. But if I know goodgame then they will have ignored all our feedback on improving PvP and make a mechanic that no one…
  • I can't understand why they waste their time doing these dumb and useless server "events". Nobody gives a shit about them, you just get a post when it's over with how you did. Yay my server got the silver price woopty fucking doo! Goodgame just stop doing these shit server "events" and use your time on I don't know maybe…
 You would want to loot samurai tokens to get the usual rewards and to buy stuff in the samurai store like you always do. But it doesn't have to be samurai tokens that activates the new mechanic, it could be something new like they did with rage in the nomad event. If you also read through the thread, then you'd know…
 Yeah, everything that has to do with PvP has to be more rewarding. But we have been saying that for a long time now. It will be interesting to see what goodgame has in store for us in their next update, which will focus on PvP. Hopefully they have seriously considered our many suggestions on the forum.
 They could change honor, so you get honor based on how strong the opponent is. The strength of the castellan, the number of defense troops and how strong they are, defense tools, all those things would decide how much honor you get from an attack. Have honor decline in points like glory and gallantry, so you have…
 What would be the point of the game then if you could get all the wood, stone, food, kres and coins handed to you on a platter 24/7? You wouldn't be playing the game, the game would play itself.
  • @"David Noble (US1)" That is a good point, I didn't consider that. Yeah it might be too much if every event attacks you, and could maybe drain some players too much of defenders and tools. Alternative suggestion: What about this then, when you gather enough tokens to piss off the warlord, then he could send a reinforcement…
 I see what you are saying, but it's kinda hard to make everything completely unique when the basic gameplay is attacking and defending. There are only so many ways that you can go about doing it. Everything in this game is about attacking and or defending against some target. Before the rage mechanic the nomad and…