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  • the attack screen filling troops u said it will be easy instead u made it lot tougher why to remove the placed troop i have to search a entire list previously is 52 troops are placed just by clicking the placed troops it will be easy to change the no of troops using keyboard now that use full option is gone for that too i…
  • i agree auto fill need some correction so that atelast we can use that to fill the troops in 2 to 5 wave in looting
  • i agree with MD.rifat how is that fair for 2 hr job 240 then for lost 2 min also 240 totally insane ruby robbery going on between the transfer support wont even reply if there is post that asks request in ruby reduction rate as expected -_-
  • yup i agree with this y cant we cancel it?? i support it where for 2 hrs it takes 240 ruby and where in lost min too it take 240 rubys how that could be fair. just like buildings construction ruby amount should reduce while transfer time is getting reduced
  • Total waste a tower that give 20 to 40 ruby to attack that auto fill take more than 300 to 500 worth ruby tools and troops loss is heave as well total waste update
  • Once again gge fixing which is not broken
  • What the hell yesterday its was 18 page negative revied and now after the hotfix its 27 page negative review still GGE no care all they is to suck the money from us without giving what we want know what u crossed ur limits. Money sucking parasites
  • Its clear that u are so presistent in making players leave guess what its waste in playing in GGE as it lost its innovation and become arrogant to let player who pay them no after 2 years i have to leave as this update sucks like hell and no new player will grow strong so its no points in running a ally i am closing my…
  • fire the developer who come up with this new resource idea appoint someone who actually thinks like a gamer we want innovative ideas in update not irritating one remove that new resource thing else the precious ruby players you guys motivation in the recent updates will leave game as well.
  • seriously i was exited now frustrated and thinking why i didn't leave this game one month back when i decided to leave y waited to see this useless irritating , practically impossible for all players update ( flour mill update is awsome but the res needed to build sucks ) practically charcoal , olive , glass is optional…
  • when is the update gonna take place i cant wait any longer plz make it quick :D i hope its not another innovative way to make lv 70 players to buy rubys
  • Foreign Invasion its an event then why dont it attack like an RBC while we are online instead it attack mostly at mid night where most of the players sleep This part Sucks in Foreign Invasion if player goes inactive after recruiting the whole day u guys just kill them in one sec in the name of event how that could be fair
  • iam so excited to see the top 100 rewards when is this update gonna take place
  • yup its part of the game its against our ally rules. if he is our member and stole he went againt ally rules
  • which player of unstoppables did that i think i can help u out in that
  • this premium is costly then befour we used to get 3 month premium for less price then the current price of ruby
  • the new chat box is just killed the chatting with friends. the text is small and cant type in mini chat screen this is worst update in mini chat part just extending the size of older chat box would be good or need the typing and posting box in the new mini chat
  • no i attacked a player and got 85 glory and later that day i got 65 glory in defeat that is not added my name is missing in that list