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  • Honestly tho guys a personal opinion here... Yes I'm a real boy too... Why start a booster before an update?? (IMO at least lol) haven't they played for long and know gge updates never go smoothly? http://prntscr.com/ghrmhm like me stopped hitting…
  • Sounds like what @"Herveus (AU1)" has said along with quick transfers between realms and many other "small purchases" that we can make all the time without realising how much it costs. I know I do it all the time, sometimes I wak…
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The reason they are teasers is to communicate better with you all the progress of the updates. Also you can see what is happening on the beta servers this way. The main reason they are teasers is because the information could still …
  • (Image)   Rebalance of the gift peddler * Everyone has at least one fellow warrior out there on the battlefield who is still learning the basics of warfare. But everyone was a rookie at least once, perhaps you are strong enough now and wish to than…
  • Reward is the biggest factor I think, beyond "enjoyment" factor there is little reward for PVP and enjoyment is mostly one sided.
  • I've had this happen to me but i was able to cap the RV back in time. You can lose the RV if you only have attackers in the castle or if all your defence are in RVs. P.s. moved to players ask players as not bug in this issue, desertions are working…
  • Just got the first PO reward from the samurai and the pop-up for which castle I wanted it in came up, so this should be working now, I've requested that the devs check the nomad rewards are working also for next event. @"kajacro (GB1)"
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I have brought this up with the team today. Sorry for a late reply on it, honestly I noticed it in nomads but forgot to mention it until just noticed samurai event also will do it. As for the shared PO storage, it is something that…
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 Hi @"perryl (US1)" Will this still not be a problem should people in Argentina play on US1 server? won't they be buying the same amount of rubies as they would on their own server but be paying a far lower price for the …
    in VPN & Rubies Comment by Minos 16.07.2017
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"c) use virtual items that are being used in online or mobile games outside of the online or mobile games, purchase virtual items for "real" money, or sell or swap virtual items," Please try reading the terms of…
  • Hi all, I just like to expand on Friedrich's posts about this topic to clear some things up with you all... (Quote) To to clear this up, no player not even the BM's player accounts are exempt from the bot screening process and this was made clear a…
    in Corrupted CG Comment by Minos 13.07.2017
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Its only for 1 day... I don't know the ins and outs of event tents and their coding so can't comment on that further.
  • @"Stevemass (GB1)" I can confirm GB server is up and running, can you provide me with a screenshot of what your getting and I can try and help. Also try clearing cache and refreshing the page.
  • Yes. sorry my bad, seems they got more hamsters on the job then was expected :D
  • Just to let you know the maintenance has started. Servers should be back up in 25 mins.
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@"Sting-Ray (US1)" This is how it works I've had 195 items in my inventory before, I'm not speaking for support as they would be making the decision but from my experience of these issues is that they will not refund the …
  • hi @"BIGTtheMULLER (INT1)"  @"Shadow_21 (AU1)" The nobility contest today will not happen, since we had a bug that was creating login issues to players with more than 12 tents in the event area and we had to make a decision on …
  • * Secondary defence value changes I haven't notice any real change with this update, people saying it makes FL/BC impossible is just out right lying imo (bit harsh but I honestly found very little change and deffo not impossible) * Attacks from Re…
  • Hi @"Gohan139 (US1)" You should receive a full inventory of skips from the Nomad event, these come mainly from your alliance rewards making an active alliance important for events. Once you start getting the rewards you should start usin…
  • You can find more prices here: http://ultimategge.co.uk/ruby-buildings.html Bakery costs below, (Image)