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  • i suggested it becuase your findings are all based around luck like lvl 1 Mine Shaft 15% chanse of finding things lvl 2 Mine Shaft 20% chance so on and so on rubys would be the hardest to find obviously then decorative items then coins and you will find nothing most of the time
  • mabe as an event the winners of the glory tournament will get another castle in a different map along with the winners on all the other maps and they will all compete for glory and or honor and the player with the most glory and or honor after the tournament is over gets lots of rubys and resources and coins and a awesome…
  • Mabe you could only send rubys to people when your a certain lvl like 25 because you have to be lvl 25 to donte rubys to your alliance and trading coin should totaly be added
  • ya i totaly agree, but the reason they have the restriction is so people dont make a million accounts and donate all the rubys from those accounts to the alliance, but i totally agree that they should lower the restriction to like 15 or even lower
  • they should have the traveling soldiers not cost food consumption and the relic is perfectly fine
  • I think if you captured enemy soldiers you should have a choice of either adding the soldiers to your army, torturing them (killing them), or making them pay a price that signifigantly lower than i costs to to make them
    in Prisoners Comment by Mavs41jk 18.06.2012
  • wouldnt it look weird to see a boat on land??????? it should be something else
  • Ya i totally agree they should also have a chat screen with all the alliances in the pacts
  • oh i guess i didnt see that but what i mean is there is some kind of system where anyone within a certain distance can see the request you made and the trade will go through once both sides have gone through so there isnt any spam
  • I like the idea but instead people can post trades they will do in the market and other people can accept or bargon for the deal