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  • (Quote) You have got that right.
  • (Quote) Well, what do you expect with multi-accounters? Give them enough rope and they do hang themselves. Good spot!!!
  • (Quote) What is that supposed to mean?
  • (Quote) Do you really think I want to steal an rv? I wasn't born yesterday like Hakhat.
  • (Quote) Don't blame me, blame it on the idiot called Fletcher who asked me to steal of of "mine." http://prntscr.com/5xv9a2 So, I tried to steal one of his called "Mine." Mind you, over 1k of support against at best 32 crosses…
  • (Quote) If there is one thing anyone from CG or TDU cannot take away from me, and that is, without rubies, I was one of the best, if not the best level 10 around only two months ago: http://prntscr.com/5xuece
  • (Quote) But you were willing to lose honour through hitting heehee though.
  • (Quote) Even the most amateur of all players, even managed to hold onto a couple of yours too. Can't get much better than that.
  • (Quote) Well, heehee could have lost all of his rvs in ice too when you lot and Crimson were having a go. The penny didn't drop that it might be someone else who had his rvs instead. Let us face it, if you really want to wind someone up, you steal …
  • To summarise, it seems that neil33 and ang1234 are the only ones to show up. Fair play and respect to them both. Listen lads, it is a bit of fun, and I have always wanted to go out with a bang so, win, lose or draw, let us drop the insults and leave…
  • (Quote) You speaking from experience? I didn't know they had JSA in France. I pay more in rent per month than you do in a whole year mate because I live in Paris. You don't get concessions in France like you do in England. As for the RV: http://…
  • I already edited my post before any of your comments came in. If you had simply read just like I should have done. My first attack to hakhat will be in the next couple of days.
  • (Quote) My mother died 18 months ago because of Bronchial Pneumonia and it is still fresh in my mind, just like my fathers death in November of last year so, shut up and wind your neck in and don't make this personal. (Quote) You think it is funny…
  • (Quote) You challenge heehee, you challenge me too. I have already told you, if you cannot go through this game without being fair-play, then what is the whole point? You guys complain about BSK until everyone is convinced that it is true, that the…
  • (Quote) We are speaking to the organ-grinder, and not his monkey.....
  • (Quote) I don't know, but it looks as though that you and Neil are. Wherever Neil goes, you are following him like a huge smell.
  • (Quote) So hakhat, you have a choice, back up your words, step out of your alliance and we'll face up, or you will forever be ridiculed as a bottler. Life is so great these days. Just remember, the guy your alliance hit over 100 times in 3 days, se…
  • (Quote) This is the same guy who dissed a level 7 player who created an alliance from scratch recently and he was in last place. For the Crimson player (Hakhat) it was a big deal to humiliate new players.
  • (Quote) Depends on who you are talking about. If you are talking about Crimson Guard two, then they are the largest alliance of pacifists I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking to. As for exiles, every single one of them knew there wa…
  • (Quote) That reminds me of how TDU and Crimson tried to get heehee to quit the game. That wasn't 6 v 1, that was more like two alliances on one single player with over one hundred incomings alone in three days. Especially from a player who bought …