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  • I have always been against hostile taking of ops, you are right we pay money to build them and get them to a point then some "bigger" alliance can just basically take your money, not good, people say its part of the game and yes it is but not a good part.
I work in a school and can totally agree, spreading like wildfire here
  • If you think you lot are unlucky try the Asia server, most 500, biggest without dethrone 1700 biggest with dethrone 2600, that's the most you can get on the Asia server and that's hitting hundreds in one event and that's also over all the years playing it. Now that's rubbish.
  • Lol @Zoe , speed it it up, its been ongoing since 28th April but I am close to giving up, Paysafe have actually said they can get my money back but I know GGE will then lock my account I have spent so much on, Guess I am on a lose lose situation. In fact I do give up, just been robbed on line and can do nothing about it.…
  • I didn't say for one minute it was the Mods caused it lol and lets be fair @Zoe if you wanted to you could speed this up as you have quicker access to the support than me, I will probably wait until nomads is over before I get a reply.
  • I still even have the email stating the payment for the Nomad invasion and the time and date!!!! not on and stinks a bit of because I mad such a fuss about it am getting shafted.
  • Your joking, after all the complaining I have done here and still not got it, I have been here since 8am UK time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Zoe and yes did also log it with support days ago.
  • I am still waiting for the package to start for this event as promised, they did say anytime within the first 4hrs but that deadline is getting close now mods? This is not the compensation everyone got but the boosters we paid for and did not get , time is ticking. @Poseidon X Angel @"Crom Cruach" @Zoe your words. Lords…
You can't chargeback Paysafe, I have checked that.
  • Its not fair in the slightest as I did not get what I paid for and in any other world would be refunded for that, only because your German based and Internet based means you can dictate what you give back otherwise its costly for anyone to claim, if I had paid via Paypal I would have my money back, unfortunately this was a…
  • so i paid for Khan bonus-Nomad Tablet bonus and Rage bonus as stated at the start of this, is that not 3 bonuses? and 2 after you hit 8 hrs on the khan was useless, even before that as a 2hr +3hr skip means 5hrs lost of an 8hr bonus, i can get it finer than that which means on an 8hr booster which this was basically 1hr of…
  • I really thought you aimed that at me when i first did read it lmao, Is that the Venom I know? But I have noticed the Mods being more than condescending over recent weeks with comments of "well I think its fair" and "as I have already said in another post", we don't read every post only the ones we are commenting on, to…
 you cheeky git, the key worker thing was meaning I might not be at home to play the bloody game, nothing to do with being entitled when they give the owed things I paid for and did not get, not compensation, i paid 19.99 for a booster, its not compensation, they say it will be within the first 4 hours of the next…
  • Not one more penny from me and before you say that's your choice I KNOW.
  • That is a total disgrace and thats me done, tell them to politely shove it, 2/3 of the package did not work, we are not stupid.
  • and I am available on the first day? so how do you know people will be able to even use them when you give them out? who is available at that time, Do you know? no because I don't even know if I will be.
  • I love the fact they are saying its client side issue and not GGE, you really expect us all to believe that? I am a Network Manager and not every issue cause by a server or developer needs a server update to resolve it. Still waiting for my £19.99 to be refunded but ohhhh I forgot, your working on that also, how not to…
  • I assume you all can at least time skip, I cannot even do that