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Manta is back!  I've been busy training up some new team members over the last couple of months and I'm afraid I've not had time for you lovelies. As stated when I first introduced myself Bugwatch isn't actually my primary job here, I just love lending a hand when I can. All that said however we should be able to get some time in each day for Bugwatch going forward again.  Missed ya'   - Manta
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@"Heimdal (GB1)" @"Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)" @"eibbed62 (AU1)" please have a read here: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352905/gge#latest tl;dr is this is an easily fixable, individual problem and nothing is being lost from accounts B) - Manta
  • Hihi @"Lisa B. (US1)" and everyone else! Sorry to hear about your difficulties, please find a work around for the issues with the new version of flash here: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352982/world-map-lag-how-to-fix Much love, - Manta <3 
  • Hihi @UserGehunterjr @"Once (AU1)", This is not a bug but intentional, there is a limit of 150 towers you can hit across all kingdoms. If you write to support they will reset a number of your old towers for you to allow you to level up more towers: https://support.goodgamestudios.com Enjoy! - Manta
  • Hihi @"LegendaryKing73 (GB1)", No bugs here so not really the right section for this post. Maybe if you holla nicely at one of our lovely moderating team they can relocate you somewhere more appropriate where this matter can be discussed as I super love the fact you've taken the time to provide us with this feedback.…
  • Hiya @"kAaWALLLSkii (US1)", Please check out our post regarding this problem here: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352982/world-map-lag-how-to-fix Best of luck! - Manta
  • Hi @"KevinKas (US1)", You will need to contact our support teams here to get this resolved: https://support.goodgamestudios.com I can happily confirm that there are no issues with our payment system for the most part but the specifics relating to your own case I can't comment on in a public forum. I'm guessing…
  • @"wizardd (US1)" @"SteelSlayer (US1)", Visual issue only caused for individual players who haven't cleared their cache and cookies following the last update. Generally after an update it's a good idea to have a quick clear of your stored data just to ensure everything is working as intended. All "missing" coins were in…
  • &#13;Looks like @"Zenzer (GB1)" has nailed this one. Since the update occurred a clear of your cache and cookies is appearing to resolve this problem for all affected players. Additionally we've been able to confirm that even for players who aren't seeing their coins they are still collecting and adding correctly to…
  • @"Ian61 (GB1)" @"benja084 (ES1)", Thanks for the report chaps, I've been chasing my tail on this one all day actually. Sadly every account I've checked, including yours Ian61 has been working properly. I just collected your taxes for you and the coins were added properly. If anyone can document this going wrong on their…
  • Hi @"Vanish (INT2)", This has now been bugged and the team is working on the matter currently. As a work around you can simply scroll up or down whilst in the shop and all the items should appear again as normal! - Manta
  • &#13;Thanks for the heads up @"Vanish (INT2)", I've confirmed this is happening on your account and the matter is being immediately escalated to our tech teams. We appreciate the report! - Manta
  • Hi there @"Ian9years (US1)", This one is already known and in fact should be fixed in the new version of the game. Hold onto your seats for that new update and this should be taken care of, give me a holla if you run into further difficulties though :) - Manta
  • Hihi @"Diniyde (AU1)"! Thank you so much for the report, This looks amazing (sorry I get kind of excited by unusual bugs B) )! I took a look on your account however and couldn't spot the item in question, was the issue resolved or did you sell the item in question? - Manta
  • Hihi @"DikkeDonskop (NL1)", This would be an issue for our support teams here. We're already aware of some alliances getting locked into states of constant war when their are no active players left in an alliance to accept peace and it's a topic currently. - Manta
  • Hiya @"soulreapergkh (US1)", Thanks for the mention @"Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)"! Checked the account and everything looks good, Hall is currently able to be reset. If things are still squiffy for you try the steps Muffins mentioned and that should clear the problem up! Sorry for the later response, bank holiday for us yesterday…
  • Hi @"Takeda (ASIA1)", You must have had a booster running last time you checked the event which doubles the points you get for a short time. No bug here :) - Manta
  • Hey @"KrishnaHero (IN1)", Keeping your Facebook account secure is your responsibility and I believe that the folks over at Facebook would take issue with the claim that their site is not about as secure as sites come. In terms of your own account with us, whilst we do take account security very seriously, we have yet to…
  • Hihi @"Takeda (ASIA1)", 2 points is the correct amount of points you should get for collecting at least 5 tokens in a battle. Have a read of the event description if you're still unsure. - Manta
  • Hiya @"Takeda (ASIA1)", After checking your account logs and battle logs, as well as being on your account checking your scores when a battle landed AND after checking the function of spending tablets I'm happy to confirm that everything is added to your score as it should be. If you think your score is not where it should…
  • &#13;Hello @"UltimateMaster1 (INT1)", I'm very happy to confirm that this is not in fact a bug. These targets are designed to be more tenacious than the standard opponents you might find out in the world. They have the ability to do things like call in reinforcements, send away troops, change their defensive set ups and…