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Manta is back!  I've been busy training up some new team members over the last couple of months and I'm afraid I've not had time for you lovelies. As stated when I first introduced myself Bugwatch isn't actually my primary job here, I just love lending a hand when I can. All that said however we should be able to get some time in each day for Bugwatch going forward again.  Missed ya'   - Manta
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  • Cheers for the shout out homeboy, whilst I've not had free time to hop on the forums recently I'll be back. As for you; this community has been so frickin' well served by your commitment and passion, we've all been so lucky to have you in this position and I hope folks realize that. It's been a complete pleasure and I know…
  • Hi @"Umar Saad NK (ASIA1)", Your account was banned for a violation of our terms and conditions. Due to the seriousness of these violations there will not be an opportunity for your account to be unbanned in the future. If you had been banned for multi accounting or some other in game offence you would have been informed…
  • Hiya @"Foz (GB1)", Should be cleared up now we cancelled the faulty offer, if you're still having difficulties please just give your browser a refresh. - Manta
Thanks for keeping me up to date @"Wiglema (NL1)", forwarding your info now! - Manta
  • Hi guys @"Stevemass (GB1)", @"Frozenvirus (IN1)", @"Shares (AU1)" Faulty offer causing a whole bunch of weird visual glitches and messing up the world map. Offer has now been removed, thanks for bringing it up! - Manta
  • Please tell me you did not just post your password on the forums @"Frozenvirus (IN1)"? Please never post your password anywhere, in game, on the forums ect! To keep your account secure this needs to be a closely guarded secret. Redacted for your own benefit, sure you don't want another account hack incident! - Manta
  • Hi @"Frozenvirus (IN1)", Could you please direct message me with your username and server? Sadly the idea of an account being "hacked" just simply isn't something that can happen, personally I blame films and TV shows for dramatizing the idea of "hacking" things so much. Intrusion onto accounts comes either from…
  • Hiya @"Frozenvirus (IN1)", Yikes! I can certainly understand why you're upset here, we've been able to reproduce this matter on our testing servers and have written up the issue for further investigation. Hopefully we will be able to get this fixed as soon as possible for you and other players suffering from this one. I…
Hiya @"dark venom (US1)"! Thanks for the report, I'm happy to say there is no bug here o:) Unless you've switched Cast's since this attack happened you'll see your current set up gives a 16% bonus to unit limit on the wall when defending against enemy castle lords. This bonus is shown in the 533 troops on the wall in…
  • Morning again @"Wiglema (NL1)" and @"abab (GB1)", Thanks again for all the info you guys have provided, I've made sure to send it all directly to the folks investigating this one. I don't know if we'll get a conclusion before the weekend but I'm pushing it as a priority on your behalf! Hopefully I can be back soon with…
  • Good eyes @"eibbed62 (AU1)", I don't want to confide in you exactly how long ago this bug was originally pointed out to me in a bugwatch thread ( :# ). This is however a known issue and after investigating the documentation, it should be being actively being worked on. I've poked those responsible to see what the story is…
  • Thanks for the response @"Wiglema (NL1)", It's a super tough one! The exact manner in which food calculations overlap and interact with each other is not one that I either, understand entirely, or am at liberty to divulge. We do however have our official calculators to plug all the relevant details of an account into, in…
  • Wow, @"abab (GB1)", this might well be my favorite bug report I have ever seen. Clearly detailed, verified by yourself in several different manners, appropriate full screen screen shots. You're the MVP of bugwatch! I took a look using the information you've provided and this definitely looks super odd, it might be…
Thanks for getting in touch @"Wiglema (NL1)"! Changes in production and consumption are always difficult to track due to the amount of different influences and factors that could have made this difference. What I am able to do is check your castle, your stations troops and your stronghold and run your various numbers…
Hiya @"abab (GB1)" Thanks for your report! I took a look at your account but can't see the problem you're referring to, your PO points on your stored Colossus items are displaying correctly and when I add them to your castle the appropriate amount are being credited to that castles value. Maybe you could shoot a quick…
  • Hiya @"eibbed62 (AU1)", You're quite right there and I can only apologize, I was in a rush trying to reply to everyone before I had to leave the office last night and completely missed the main drive of your question! So what we're looking at here is the difference between a boost that applies to everything already…
Hihi @"the1winner1 (US1)", thanks for the report! This one has already been answered in a few different threads, please have a read here: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352905/gge#latest - Manta
@"eibbed62 (AU1)" Please find an explanation of the new boosters here: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352755/june-update-info-part-1-update-on-06-06-2018-start-10-00-13-00-cest-downtime-30-mins#latest Basically as in the past boosters begin when you purchase them and run through until they…
Hihi @"Drew (INT1)", We're aware of these reports and are looking into it right away, the teams here are quite busy right now but we haven't overlooked this one. Hopefully I can give you some clarity on what's happening here shortly. We appreciate your patience on this one. - Manta
@"dandelion1958 (GB1)" @"L7jevs (GB1)" @"shares (AU1)" @"shillo (INT1)" Take a look over here folks: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/352982/world-map-lag-how-to-fix. - Manta