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  • -no troop limits on berimond That would affect the balance of berimond, changing the entire dynamic of the event. -feast on berimond Don't see the point really, feasts from other kingdoms affect Berimond.  And the troops you build there do not c…
  • @"Dumb Cat (US1)" , I'll touch on some points here. You can queue up 1,280 red flags (at a minimum) daily in about 2 minutes before you log every night for bed.  You can do that even while your castles are out of wood and stone.  (8 castl…
If we're being honest with each other, moderators get it worse off than we do. They get no perks in game, any advance info they get is a joke (it would be tenuous at best, once it's confirmed they post it.) And through all this, they are t…
How DARE you counter my comment!  I'll have you know that you weren't even a gleam in your father's eye when your mother and I u.... What?  Oh it wasn't me who made the response to the response?  I see... *ahem* .... er, sorry @"BM a…
This.  People prepare in advance so that they don't have to spend rubies. By screwing up and then trying to fix it without taking that into consideration, GGE is adding to frustration. In addition, yesterday it was 160,000 rubies for me to…
  • For better or worse: PVP focus of the game Alliance Tournament Alchemist Stackable gem effects Pennies for wishing well Original rewards of flight feathers Original VIP packages you could purchase Ability to launch from rvs Loot bonus against playe…
  • Was impressed with the hits, Then I looked at the castles and I see how / why it happened.  Still big hits... but not as impressed anymore.  Just wondering, do you guys still have the NAA with them, JS or did you remove it first? Guess peopl…
  • Maybe he's referring to the 'advertising' part (your gaming channel). Still, there are always people who try to bust your balls for something.  The fact remains Karem posted a private PM and you properly removed it.  Twice.
That's true. And on the US server you might actually get hit now and then even if you didn't break a fair play rule. Different strokes for different folks :)
  • I'm sure they have, and that most of them are looking for your coordinates right about now, lol
My point was lost because of lack of context. Fried and I know each other, I'm well aware that he stopped his buying habits as we've discussed giving up on the big GGE spending sinkhole in the past.  So I was just poking fun at him and he …
I'm probably going to get flamed for this, especially since I don't know the players involved... But with 115k defense shouldn't the defense ratio be a better than 56%?
When is GGS going to start holding department heads accountable for such consistent and low level poor performance? I'm trying to think of another company that has this much consistent poor quality and I can't think of one that's still in …
So is 500k.  And 800k. You are what's wrong with the internet, Mr. Literal, lol.
Says the guy who just dropped 75k rubies in Beri You should know better by now, Fried :)
Are you sure you have AU1 server selected?  Sometimes it'll default to something else if you use a different browser or computer.
  • What about the error for the top 100 placement reward... Surely it was an error and you can ask them about fixing it, right?
  • Parasols maybe...  But yes I knew someone would make that comment when I typed it out.  But it still sounded better than saying rain boots.  :)
  • I did not know that.  That's crazy and should be fixed.
This is not true for many people. For example, to log on to my accounts on different servers, I enter my player name and my password. But to log on to the forums, I need to use my email address and my password. I'm not saying the person's…