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  • Ze Frenchman said - "Well right now I am annoyed. I'm fighting zis weird random guy named Vista who wants to claim my title, and my sword. and boy he is weird. he has a worse and bigger mustache zen me!Take a look." Well let me bring something to your attention(your means everyone - vista, zoro, mihawk and posters) he has…
  • Haha. Wrong information friend. When I was in Steel Sword I attacked a player from Steel Avatar and that is the day I left the game. I did not just attack Avatar but I attacked, MK Dark Phoenix(DJPIONEER) and Steel. Viper(kalyb9). I attacked them because I chose to leave the game earlier that morning.
  • First of all I had no idea that I was going to be inactive for 2 weeks when I was in Steel Elite. Iandalso didn't donate any rubies to Elite or Mari and I mean any! I used the 15k to support the members of Elite and a bit more to support Mari. Okay so I should've joined another Steel team. Yes I should've it should've been…
  • Hey J.I.Joe, I did follow the rules. Anyway if I did not follow the rules(I am talking in the context of Steel Elite because I was kicked from there) why was I not informed of the faults I made? I got 2 reasons as to why I was kicked. 1) 2 people from Elite did not like me 2) They needed defenders when I was asleep…
  • How are you? Possible Answers - Evil bad Good Happy ANnoyed frustrated Busy with Zoro Please choose any of the above
  • Happy B'day King Doom. Now to mihawk How is life in a cartoon? Do you like your character or would you want to be even meaningful. Back to Doom - You will see 17 cuts on mihawk thanks to Zoro. The cuts are candles. Then you may see someone on fire. I dont know if Zoro has a matchbox
  • Your banned for being a master of goat.
  • Cuz I wanna annoy him :)...So then Zoro can kill him(its all a distraction) Jeez I blew it
  • No offense Zoro. But mihawk how do you hurt zoro? Is it your skinnyness that frightens him or is it the fat hat+feather. Pwak Pwak Pwak Pwak... your a chicken.
  • Your all banned because a police officer said "bake him away toys"
  • Zoro is cool... You are just dumb and think your great... cuz of the feather in your hat... your a bafoon!!! Hehehehe that IS evil...
  • Not able to get onto the login screen on any browser... I am in int'l 1 Problem Resolved
  • Why are you soo skinny...I know its cuz of your fat hat.... Die frenchman
  • Your hat is big and ugly... Why is it sooo big do you hide a bunny or a second sword in there... It suits your ugly moustache... I am soo evil..
  • It really doesn't work in the terms of siege and defense workshops. It's because the thing your doing which is producing tools. So I think it should stay the same but I respect your opinion.
  • I think when I started the game a few months ago, they did have this feature but took it out :( . Probably because of what baldrick said
  • I would say it should be a tropical island(lions, tigers...) and the rest Jade's idea. But instead of mountain towers you could have different types... maybe banana tower(lvl 50-60) and... other tropical fruits and stuff...
  • We cant choose whether to be attacked or not - GGS has a soft corner for us there and gives us 10% or 25%(ruby) We can choose whether we want to attack or not - GGS doesn't need a soft corner for us there because it's our choice :). So seriously if you don't want to lose soldiers(in this case attackers) stop playing the…
  • Baldrick so true. GGS would not do that because if they did. People will stop buying protection. :)
  • Yes then that would Make Me Lord LordEssence, hey that sounds cool.:P