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  • popping in 1 last time, couldnt bring myself to walk away all the way :rolleyes: key sharing in my posts? me? never.... *whistles* as for restoring my account, like i said, i have IRL issues going on, so my activity would be about as much as an FT player :p for the next few months. might as well walk away now ha, never!…
    in Goodbye All Comment by Lexx7 22.08.2015
  • well me and my british biscuit cookies will fight you for the rights to cookies
  • yeah, i have run into that scenario a couple times myself, i got feels for you :( however, mostly it appears to be under weaker alliances, not part of large group family ones. i have seen a couple examples in large group alliances, but i have seen far less since i joined one then when i was moving around small indies
  • 1- do you know ho much it costs right now to get a piece to level 20 from 19? to go up to level 32 would probably take 1 million coins alone for the final upgrade (and that is not counting failures) 2- no, no reason for levl 70's to be the only ones to get them that high 3- that means super commanders can up their stats…
    in Technicus Comment by Lexx7 17.08.2015
  • so your suggesting this becomes an MMO RPG, kinda like runescape?
  • 16, 104 btaman
  • like i said before, the odds are still bad. your not gonna loot legendary gear every 3rd tower just cause you have a 100-200 bonus on it, it still takes a lot of time. so it is possible that the gear actually helped but you never noticed it
  • 16, 102 batman
  • 16,100 batman
  • good plan, but the fire and anti loot castes are harder to get then just a fire or loot caste. also, the foreign lords might hit while your offline, so unless you can be online when they hit, or keep your troops out 24/7, then there is still a risk of them pounding your guys
  • or you could just make tools.... i made over 1K of each type of tool at my OPs at 1 point, while still using the resource tools occasionally for attacks
  • just wondering, how many troops do you lose to get said rubies daniel? personal best here is 4.5k
  • it is not possible to build more than one thing at the same time As a result, the game becomes dull and hold many with it on after a certain time ^ google translate that joint the point is that the game takes time, not that you can do everything super fast. i had a friend who rubied there way through the game, and they…
    in gebouwen Comment by Lexx7 15.08.2015
  • 16, 097 ohhh so you think the batman is your ally?
  • wow, i already addressed those issues. let me do it again for you - the dot every i and cross every T was a reference to people who feel the need to bring up issues like gender specific titles. its not a big deal, but people keep suggesting it as one of the most important things we need. i have seen a dozen threads like…
  • 16, 095 batman
  • het maakt niet uit waar de ingang is , is het niet van invloed op alles in het spel. het maakt niet uit waar het is. gewoon bewegen items in je kasteel rond totdat je hoe het eruit ziet
  • frustrated? *eye twitch eye twitch*. what gave you THAT idea? *starts shaking uncontrollably* Perfectly calm here!!!! for real, like i said, normally things dont bother me, but when people are suggesting things so stupid and trivial as this, and the way things are going in the world over such stupid issues is towards my…
  • yes, because i definitely in mid game need to change my gender. thanks for that great and inspiring idea. im aware those things are changeable, but they are also... wait for it... wait for it..... maybe just a bit..... useful!!! ding ding ding done hitting my head against a brick wall, if i debate someone i typically ask…