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  • i will join on 1 condition -you make me the unchallenged supreme ruler of the server, buy me 10000000 rubies, give me your first born child, sacrifice 12 famous forumers, and make a statue of me made from solid chocolate that is 140 feet tall sound fair?
  • you dont know what this is? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!
  • i deny everything
  • im super inactive nowadays, but this is a thread i will definitely be following :) great thread Elliot, been a while since a saw a new great fun thread like this that might actually continue
  • guests in alliances are due to player rankings, the actual game is designed for alliances to be groups of people working together on a semi-permanent basis, not a small set of groups that you are constantly changing in and out of, so when you consider the purpose of an alliance, a guest rank would fit no purpose
    in Guest Rank Comment by Lexx7 08.09.2015
  • i thought old habits die hard?
  • i guess GGE soldout to some other company or something, no way this update came from the guys who regularly make the updates
  • all i can say, in GGS's own words, the game cant be hacked. never mind the time the forum attack happened and was down for a couple weeks, and GGE said something about it was possible some player data was taken and they notified the players who had it happen... but the game is 100% secure guys :p never mind segel, we_ner,…
  • go under the construction menu, it is under the regular buildings, page 2. but it costs lots of rubies to build and upgrade
    in Questions Comment by Lexx7 31.08.2015
  • no, just popped in today will probably pop in every week or 2, just to keep up with how things are going and see who else is sticking around
  • #ReviveLexx
  • not necessarily -if they get online then change their defense, you get RIP -regular wood mantlets give a really slow walk and a huge warning time for attacks, plenty of time for the guy to get on and see it -if support is sent then a melee guy may be put on the wall, and RIP your troops again -mantlets dont work on the…
  • just gonna post 1 time on this i am all for women rights. marching for the right to vote, right for equal wages, right to not be oppressed, right to be equally treated as men, all that is some good stuff but when you start asking for a video game to include everything equal for men and women, especially when the game is in…
  • the rule about RVs taken being an act of war is a player made rule, not enforced by any GGE mods or employees. take them if you want, but you need to be ready to deal with any punishment the players inflict upon you
  • supported this section
  • thats assuming the top 2 strongest are not allied, or that the 2 strongest are not allied and would kill the 3rd guy
  • what about a salmon?
  • the capital, it allows for the recruitment of Kings Gaurds troops, which are cheaper and stronger then vet troops. it also allows for defense KG, which is basically the only way you can get them en mass the metro at its best gives up to 250 bonus food per green castle, which is only 60ish troops more. but if you own a…
  • 8| WotM8? tbh i think my job is about as productive as this game, but whatever makes the $$$ flow... thats the love im talkin bout lol 8) still dont remember you lol jk, i think you were an FK sub leader for a bit? visited us a bunch? but then abandoned us... ;( yes, yes, YES!!! bump this thread over and over, make it a…
    in Goodbye All Comment by Lexx7 22.08.2015