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  • Soooo tired of being disappointed.... more unbalance....fix whats broke and stop breaking it more... As usual the update sucks .. not going to go into detail on why or gripe about it in detail like playing this game ... its really not worth it... lol
  • no link I believe it used to be posted on here by mods
  • why not share the schedule.... lol I think it used to be shared.... 
  • hmmm.. Its centered around money and profit..... it involves buying something... For a player to compete they must be willing to either buy rubies for ruby tools in the bestseller or buy boosts to increase production. Even if you don't buy those things you.will run out of 1 hour and 30 minute skips quickly .... resulting…
  • I haven't had a mood survey pop up just in case someone needs my input... score me as a 1 if 10 is good... for how happy I am with the game at the moment...its probably actually below 1
  • My issue is not really finishing first in the KL or getting rewards My issue is time... Having easy access to the tools in the Blacksmith eliminated the need to spend hours on the game hitting mindlessly to reach a certain point.... now the time to finish an event has increased dramatically unless you buy a boost ... a…
  • hey justin no need for a big list... I can sum it up with a short statement The update put shackles on the non-ruby buyer or casual player/buyer and gave a huge advantage to the peeps willing to spend tons of money on the game. Increasing the pice for unlimited tools (for me) will actually cut my activity on the game and…
  • all mine are gone too 100s of regular decos gone.... along with 100s more targeting fusion many bought and paid for with real money This needs to be fixed asap
  • RU has had some minor issues with him.
  • I sent a support ticket asking for 2.2 Million tickets to compensate my loss.... lol probably wont get much of a response
  • I had roughly 7000 tickets... so in my estimation... after the change... to equal everything out GGE owes me 2.1 million tickets only free spinning until that happens
  • Just stop buying rubies If the bottom line is profit.... which it should be for GGE... the product they are selling should be worth the price I enjoy playing the game... have spent thousands on it the past 4 years...but until the product improves I have decided to stop wasting my money on the game... I can play it without…
  • WoF.. Worst update thus far....and there have been a lot of them at least after a year.of waiting..I get to use my maxed out penny well....if I buy pennies...lol like the game....but I think I'm done spending money on it Non Ruby Buyers open your arms and welcome a new member... 
  • They should have increased the value of the tickets already stored for each individual my 7000 tickets saved.... reg, 2,233 spins or 233 spins on pro mode is now 23 what a joke
  • I proposed the idea several months ago before the stream.... but thanks for pointing out that it is being tossed around
  • Hopefully we will be rewarded our prizes soon I could not donate the coins either.... glad that its not just me
  • only the top 100 get the bonus equipment... I doubt by adding coms it would effect that... A player can only hit 4 nomads (5) if you count the Khan camp, sams, or 10 FC/BC at a time ... so there is no real advantage in events by having more coms The time skips nullify the build times.. unless you constantly buy skips ..…
  • I disagree with the time it would take ... with all the new Commanders being introduced.. A player can fill out 21 just hitting one round of nomads or Sams...combined with towers Give me an example of a significant advantage someone would have over another player.....having 24 coms verses a player having coms ..... other…
  • Why would I buy a Special Offer for 4 hours of bonus boost time, 800 demons, 250 chests, and a bit of attack equipment for 50 dollars when I don't have the skips to support the buy? Answer... I wouldn't and I am not..its nuts to think people are going to buy skips then buy a boost.. even with the special offer skip deals…
  • at Max level its pretty boring...