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No ghosts..you can SEE the lag or speedup. If it's decided in less then a milisecond, there should be no lag or jumping with the wheel. I'm not the only one who has noticed it.
What bug? The ability to dethrone to an 8k castle bug? I didn't like the look of the rewards on the other modes, not to mention how fast they appear to run through, so I've been playing the classic since the update. I didn't notice any bugs. Will the dethrone be nerfed now so that you cannot ever get another 8k castle…
I'd have to agree with Pisky!!!! "Dear Lords and Ladies, We will be deactivating the dethroning feature in glory events temporarily. This is to allow us to change the way it functions with the new difficulty settings in those events. We hope we will be able to turn this feature on again in the very near future.…
  • Uhhh...What? That last post is definitely detracting from the main thought...was that the point? Anyway, Thanks to author for the info/save...found a few caste issues myself, as did friends. And Yes..this HAS happened before and I lost equipment as well, with zero recompense. Maybe we should start taking screenies of the…
  • Well then, it's a good thing I didn't make a new one every OTHER day then, isn't it? ;) I could very well be wrong too, but Saturday to Tuesday is 3 days, or so I thought. :)
  • Well, it's a good thing I did not make a new one every day then, isn't it? ;)
I did not hear from them on Monday so I contacted them again yesterday, Still no response. I am not the only one this happened to and this problem is not simply going to vanish like my troops. When is GGE going to do the right thing?
Support SHOULD have to answer during the weekends! If GGE can run sales all weekend, they sure as hell can run support for problems too. As for the compensations being fine... GGE's instant fix is to dump a bunch of veterans into your main, which usually starves out everything else there. It's not a proper…
It wasn't just troops that were traveling...I had about half my attackers out and half in the OPs. It was the entirety of that 1 type of troop, both out on attack and within the 2 Ops. The defense troops remained in tact...The different troops stationed at safehouses were unaffected. It was as if you guys decided you…
  • Same thing just happened on the US server...
  • Your newest "maintenance" just deleted 10k Crossbowmen of The Elite Guard from my OPs... The game froze and booted me off in the middle of event attacks, then after 10 minutes I got a system maintenance screen. When I was finally able to get back on my troops in my Ops were gone. Everything stationed was safe, but my Ops…
  • But Wait! There's more! Just like those cheap commercial ads you see on TV... We get extra legendary levels now!!!!! WHOOPEE!
That explains a lot...like how you can lose a lead so close to the daily count. The NBs are definitely being shut out of all competition.
  • Stillfront nerfed the Smith so badly half the players quit the game. Bored, the Whales backed the little people and quit too! "All the KINGs horses...you know the rest." Stillfront FIREd the mods and closed the game forever.
Take away the krill and the whales have to adapt or die. Take away the servants and the rich will have to serve themselves. Take away the maids and the rich will have to clean up their own messes. Take away the "little guy" from the events and what will happen? Right now, those who don't buy rubies will no longer be…
  • No, it was explained away as an imbalance in the shops. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it was affecting the game owners' bottom line. However, I think you have inadvertently come upon the solution to the dilemna Joshvir, Just don't play those events. No need for those boosters then, is there?
  • I totally agree with you commando! Not only can we not get the silver coin from the events as easily as the ruby buyers, we would now have to sacrifice even more gold coins at an even less fair ratio then before to get the necessary silver to even stand a chance. Just another way of holding our gaming hostage, while they…
  • The rate of exchange is 1 away from 1 for 1..totally ludicrous!