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  • I like muffins idea but i dont like the white map leave it green it was annoying last time 
  • thank goodness that would be 2 hours from now?
  • i sure hope my food aint going to be affected by this i need to get on soon or have mass starvations
  • wel enjoy your ban hero/hero09 you couldnt have made that anymore obvious
  • No update details on this forum or the test server forum and i must say all of those christmassy themed things are bloody ugly besides that building in the news section wonder what it does and how many thousands of rubies it will costs to upgrade
  • will probably have to wait to hear more about the next update i think it will be a christmas/winter themed event and has a new 9 piece ice cast to win i know that from a little teaser in last months update thread 
  • so far i have hit 124 this round had a 5ker and a 2ker the rest have been the usual 450-600 i really really need another 5ker or i wont be finishing the glory target Edit: i just got a 2ker moments after i post this comment i was setting up the attack then bam maintenance we better get an extension to this quest for the…
The problem is for most there is only so many they can hit before they run out of troops,tools,sanity or patience attacking the same thing over and over and expecting to find that big castle is very frustrating especially when the quality doesnt get better and all those castles do is kill troops use up tools and give…
  • you dont need to spend to get a good one but it is a luck based event i could go a full event getting 600s the whole time i wanna start cutting my wrists after that it is painful hitting well over 100 each event and not getting anything different last event first 2 days were 600 after 600 i posted on the forums about how…
It MIGHT work 
1. that could work a bit boring but could work reward the players for having plenty of might 2.it would have to start at a completely random day maybe even time because people can just take all the equipment they have off if they know when it will start and make a shitload just from putting it all…
  • Add more level 80 forts way to many level 30,40,50 and 60s but nowhere near enough 80s maybe im just blind but i cant even find a level 70 anywhere thats how bad it is in storm 
  • the aussie server is shrinking but it aint dead and i certainly dont want us to merge with another server being given the option to move server would be cool but i wont be going anywhere i have seen in the past some people wanted the aussie and asia server to merge but i really dont want that to much scum over there 
  • So i just realized that it is impossible to complete now because No khans revenge how the hell do we do those quests then
  • not a big deal but a bug i agree with phil some of these quests are impossible unless you wanna spend heal 1200 troops i wont be doing that unless i spend the 40k to skip the quest or use heal instantly but i would rather not do either of those things also the rbcs part in the first quest you can attack towers in other…
  • Im not batten but i think its worth having you dont have to put in much effort just play the game and you will collect it just like that its not good for taking on the wall but its best quality is just the raw power it has with just 3 level 8 courtyard gems you have 100 melee 100 ranged and 100 CY against npcs Thats mine…
  • same when you get 40k glory you get 5k xp and a useless epic piece of equipment i would love to get some fine sand and bricks for completing those quests maybe for hitting towers we win some time skips and for getting glory we win some flags even if it is only 20 X 2% flags or some hero banners that do 3%
  • one berimond event we had one person that kept hitting the same person in my alliance then i sent an attack on them in beri and someone else also sent an attack so he started screaming bloody murder and telling me i better hope we are on the same side in the next event and calling us bullies and blah blah blah
  • nope i have done more than just earn this dam thing i deserve an 8k now if this BC changes in any way besides adding more troops i will fly to hamburg and slap the shit out of those folks at ggs EDIT: you may have a little bit of my luck i just found another 2ker no one should have to hit so many foris and crows and get…
  • thanks gge i allmost shed a tear for that time to dust off those old horsetails and get some much needed glory
I would punch a hole in my computer screen i hit plenty last round if i had to guess i would say i have hit well over 200 castles since i last got anything good i have hit over 80 this round i got a 5ker at the start of last round and hit over 150 last round i dont know what the hell i need to do to get anything over…