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  • Well im looking for an excuse to return as of right now the game lags and crashes all the time and drives me nuts just trying to get online to say hello to my alliance so im really hoping the html5 update makes the game playable for me again and the royal capitals return both of which we have waited a very very long time…
  • I have just recently called quits the only reason i didnt do it a long time ago is because i liked the people in my alliance and i didnt want to say goodbye but after so long of login issues, lag issues, terrible updates and the tediousness of this game i have just given up on this game 
  • Remove the combat strength bonuses from the hero and take atleast half of the CY and throw it in the bin 50-60 should be the most CY we can get especially when it has 110/110 combat strength without the stupid hero bonuses and 50% more troops on wall 
Dunno when the capitals were supposed to be back just 2018 sometime so hopefully it comes soon i really want that com aswell also part 2 update is crap just prime days getting a little touch up doesnt interest me at all douwew (NL1) said: 
It is a good com it is a lot better than some of the coms i have now but…
  • Geez this game gets more and more broken everyday i would love 1 month where they give their "hardworking" graphics team a break and just fix the game for us 
  • are the servers down? i got booted with no warning and am stuck on oiling the chain mail
  • might i ask how long did it take to come up with those new skins they are hideous and look like a 5 year old made them shapeshifter changes are nice and so are the build items the other stuff i dont care about as its for ruby buyers 
  • Oh how times have changed over 3 and a half years you could only only attack with 1200-1300 troops per attack and 100k was a really good hit now you can attack with 3k+ and 1 million is a really good hit thats the biggest i have ever seen got it a couple weeks ago and i would bet my left arm i will never see one this big…
  • i think the person is just a troll look at their name and pronounce their name yes english might not be their first language but the way they write their messages just seems like a load of shit to me
  • "i am level 6 and i have played this game for 10 days and still not levelled up" "shutup i am not a NOOB YOU ARE A NOOB AND STOP AND AIM DONT LIKE YOU AND I ARE IN THE SAME ALLIANCE AND YOU DO THAT TO ME AND BLAH BLAH BLAH TO LEADER" I too speak a bit of broken jibberish english
  • yeap chrome finally works for me edit: it is half fixed game is slower and laggier than ever and i cant go 2 minutes without it crashing on me 
  • @"Manta Birostris" do we have any news about all the connection problems a lot of folk from the aussie server and some from other servers are suffering from getting stuck in that same loading screen on all browsers and even on standalone flash i just want to know whats causing these problems and when they might be fixed…
  • It seems the hotfix happening shortly is only fixing decoration bugs not all this connection bullshit we are still having and we still havnt heard anything about it what caused it when its getting fixed nothing
  • I dont see the point or the value of these as you say buy when you got a ruby doubler or a 100% offer and its just as valuable plus you will have another offer that gives you better stuff than 16 lucky pennies
  • http://prntscr.com/jvxka4 put our server back down and fix it still the same shit im sick of having to use puffin
  • after this hotfix i better be able to play on my normal browser i dont want to have to use puffin ever again and those who lost troops while not being able to login better get something for this (i didnt starve thanks to my alliance but many others did) besides that who do we think gge will blame for this?
  • It has been said on a couple other posts but yes puffin works when all else fails get puffin as a last resort it is very slow and painful to use but atleast you can play move troops around and maybe even send attacks depending how laggy puffin wants to be
  • trust me changing the version of flash you use, clearing cache, restarting computer,changing browsers all that stuff it doesnt work i dont know what the cause of the problem is but it started after the update and it seems to be affecting people from aussie and new zealand i dont know if its affecting people from other…
i got on and was able to move troops around i still couldnt attack but it atleast allowed me to get on and move troops to an op from my main that was at -18k food an hour that my amazing alliance kept fed since last night
  • as painful as puffin is to use it works get it for windows or whatever you have and it will allow you to login and move troops around