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  • I have a similar issue in the man castle. I am now producing more food in an outpost than I am in the main castle. I have no idea what is going on
  • How will we know when this is resolved? there is no point doing the Nomad event until it is. I am stuck in Intermediate mode.
  • I have been trying to find how to significantly increase storage of mead but to no avail. I know you can do the upgrades but these take forever and do not increase storage by much. L20 gives and additional 1K. So I have 103k storage capacity and each attack on the Realms event brings back 65K minimum of mead, which is not…
  • Hi, Since the last up-date where the log-in page was changed etc, the game for me has become unplayable. I had no speed issues previously, but now it is taking 7 to 10 seconds to go from map view back to castle view. All other operations are also an issue including the log-in, which is hit and miss. Sometimes I have to…
  • Fordy: I have been checking my league table and nothing has happened for 18 hours. The positions and points gained have not moved. The chat room is empty and unfortunately I have to agree with you "it slowly dies". 
  • Ok, I understand all of that. I am not trying to keep up with anyone. I'm putting across my opinion and that of quite a few other players. Most of them have not bothered to do the latest Nomad event for example because they have not got tools and can't afford to purchase. I guess the question they all want answered is "why…