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  • You shouldn't have any problems producing stone as its a stone outpost, its designed to give you more stone. if you need a wood outpost now I would suggest dropping the outpost than waiting for a new castellan as there is no way to convert a stone outpost into a wood outpost. To drop an outpost you must first be in your…
  • Your new op is a 6 stone 2 food op meaning you cannot produce any wood there, apart from the small amount you get from public order, outposts only allow you to produce food and one res so either wood or stone. Because your outpost cannot produce wood the game takes off the options of a sawmill and woodcutter as they would…
  • Answer the question Steve, id like to see the word play you use to get GG out of this one
  • Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters
  • I understand a lot of peoples disappointment with the bakeries and I'm certainly disappointed as never before have I seen such an obvious money grabbing update. I understand goodgame employees need a Christmas bonus but do it less obvious next year (because we know you wont stop tripling, quadrupling ruby building prices…
  • Good idea It would help to a large extent during feasts
  • sometimes it doesn't show up straight away try refreshing and see if that fixes the problem
  • I didn't mean everyone stop posting I meant people stop replying to the threads which aren't desirable on the main page as for isolation it is as snorlax has been plucked from the many who has done it before much like a show trail persuading to stop? no threatened to stop there's a difference as persuading isn't saying do…
  • you cant stop everyone replying but if it threads you want to see on the main page reply to them then it will stay there its replying to threads which contains pointless information are getting bumped up to the top because people are just giving hate making more threads like this one and isolating players who use the…
  • if you or others ignored them and didn't post on them they wouldn't take up the top space and go onto the next pages so easily this whole thread is pointless and isn't that what you want snorlax to do? but yet your doing it I see a problem here
  • Surely you cant threaten him to stop posting things on the forums. the forums are for everyone, if you all think his threads are pointless don't read them simple problem solved. and isn't this a pointless thread couldn't this be done through pm in game?
  • mark you helped me so much thank you. my condolences go to the family including his many pets he talked about so fondly, and sometimes typed for him when they walked on the keyboard.
  • is anyone else getting no glory when attacking the foreign lords this time around? as a lot of my alliance isn't receiving any. they are sending enough and defeating enough to receive glory along with flags but yet get no glory what so ever. GGE please fix the glitches before having the event again as we all know its…
  • I'm done shove your game where the sun doesn't shine. you don't listen to feedback, you don't even care about the product you are providing. you just keep on bringing in the euros. what? you can ban me from the forums for this behaviour big whoop you don't listen to the feedback anyway.
  • GGE I have worked out your plan, you want to end all player wars in the game don't you? I mean it must be the plan you've stopped our war 2 times in a row now. you are ruining the game, my advice wipe he euro signs out of your eyes and look at the feedback not your made up feedback, the real feedback. now look at your…
  • Guys were talking on chat and talking about glory rankings. and one guy said he wants to be a count however he missed out the o in count.
    in Funny Comment by Joe Dub 23.07.2014
  • From his loot rank is seems he is hitting more rbcs(robber baron castles) than you which also gives xp which helps you level up faster. you don't have to donate to have gems they are received when hitting rbcs. that is probably the reason he is a higher level than you
    in Hacker? Comment by Joe Dub 23.07.2014
  • also before sending an attack you have the option to choose which commander to use. if you hover over the commander icon you can see which bonuses they have.
  • 0/10 There's no point to it I mean we get coins and rubies from storm and alliance glory. plus as said above people can produce a lot of res to donate to he alliance. res isn't a rare thing to have and as people level up they have loads spare so it can be used for he alliance. no need for rvs in the great kingdom they will…
  • however members could move to the larger alliance, and war tributes could be made until very little alliance funds are in the smaller alliance. so your alliance upgrades wont combine but you could still move over the majority of alliance funds. so it works for a smaller alliance moving into a large one with space but an…