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  • If/When we leave make sure we get rid of all our resource production building before going. No reason to leave behind anything that might encourage other fools to keep playing.
  • Looking at Clash of Clans as an alternative to this scam. Friend told me that, while there are some things that will be sped up w/ purchases that, if patient can do most w/o all the demands for money. Since GGE can't get this right may be time to …
  • Hotfix is useless. The latest nobility contest on;y has 69 players in it at 41 to 50 level.Doesn't that tell you something GGE?? Will keep flig the pink and will not buy rubies, maybe never again.
  • Changes can happen instantly. Remove the update and think before you put any changes back in.
  • Try to buy us off with a minor change and a moronic gift FORGET IT!!!! Wearing pink and proud and no activity NO RUBY PURCHASE! Pass it on everyone.
  • End the revenue stream. Don't buy ANY rubies. Without revenue they can't do their IPO and they can't pay developers to further screw up the game.
  • Math is simple GGE wants IPO. Revenue drives value. As of now the revenue stream stops. No more building, no more attacks, even of robber barons, no more ruby purchases and no more revenue to GGE. If they have to fire many of their developers ma…
  • Totally agree. This update yet another disaster. Say bye to the charcoal burners and fly the pink protest flags! Lets make the entire kingdom a sea of pink. Tomorrow I find out about another Empire style game.
  • Just received message from another player. They pointed out that there is almost noone participating in the latest nobility contest. Keep it up everyone! Funny how when the nobility contest has been the wonderful (ly dumb)wheel of fortune they do…
  • Good news is there are other options than GGE. Will be getting info on another Empire type game tomorrow.
  • Just initiated the destruction of one of my charcoal ovens. The other goes later today. Will not participate in the charade GGS.
  • GGS What you need to do is fire three fourths of your developers so there are not so many incomprehensible gaffs in your "service" Then there will not be all these inane updates to piss us off so much.
  • Weell guess its time to stop playing again. This update might be acceptable to the biggest players. NOT FOR THE REST OF US! GGE this is on par with the auto war stupidity you have repeatedly tried to foist on us . Will not be building, fighting …
  • What happens to Khan tablets at the end of the invasion. If you have some and don't trade them are they around for the next invasion?
    in Questions Comment by Jess1420 09.10.2014
  • Once again a sudden modifications because of rush to add programming changes. So does this pause all the "action" while you have the program down or will I find my troops had no food and fled while this/these mistakes are "fixed?"
  • Frankly the whole gem thing is an anathema. Have not used any and don't even notice how they can be used without paying to attach them to equipment. To me its just a waste. Am I missing something or is there an simpler way to utilize them.
  • Any autowar is an issue. It still means that no one knows if war will be declared for a simple attack. If your intention is to make the ruby players all the more "powerful" than you have succeeded. In addition, I have not seen an announcement tha…
  • The missions are useless. At least with the mercenaries an occasional useful soldier or group might come along. Sometimes price was high other times OK. These missions generally force you to "buy" things you don't want along with something else y…
  • Old mercenaries was definitely better. You could choose a certain soldier, if available for the right price, like mercenaries would work. This new crazy mission idea is too expensive and makes you take three unrelated items, which always includes …
  • Seems like the mercenary change was put in place for one main reason, the possible use of rubies. If goodgame wanted this mission feature added in then it should have been a new feature instead of a replacement of the mercenaries. The new mission …