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  • @JakesHere (AU1) Half of the posts I've seen from you on the forums are just you bumping several-year-old threads. Please stop it.
  • well judging by the screenshot it looks like you didn't buy it, else it would be Sold Out. If you are down 9000 charms, contact support at https://support.goodgamestudios.com/
    in lost gem Comment by JYT (US1) 12.05.2019
  • greenhouse goes into storage @codfather (US1) You have to use the no-stat commander the game provides you in the treasure map quest lines and in events like thorn king/blade coast/underworld maps. o wait. @fluffydude (INT3)
  • 15,813 militia ≈ 3k kingsguard defense so if your general strat is to be a thorn in the sides of all players near you a milita army doesn't sound too bad... Don't research vet troops. Put a stronghold, probably leveled a bit (if not maxed) in all y…
  • Some reps from the past month   thanks Damn I got to get a better program for capturing screenshots lol im trash at cropping. Anything better than snag.gy?
  • Just move the lost and found to a new tab here. Idea creds: @covue88 (US1)
  • For Our Understanding, Nothing Done Over Northward Today Has Extremely Rash, Obtrusive Attractions Delivered So I Don't Eat Dirty Excrement And Death. YIKES.
  • from steelslayer's post on https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/334341/the-best-main-castle-layout#latest
  • but wood mants are sloow tho. macemen and crossbowmen OP AF.
  • Tempted to just leave "lol" and walk away without saying any more in response to this update, as it really doesn't deserve even that, but... The lost and found thing is a nice convenience feature, really, but imo shouldnt even be necessary. Yall rea…
  • You can unlink from facebook in the options window, I believe. And from my experience, if you haven't linked your account to an email, a pop-up will appear every time you level up or so to link an email. If your friend has already linked to a differ…
  • smash towers. That is all
  • I've been told greenhouses go into storage, which makes sense since they are super duper and are basically a PO item with crazy powerful side effects.
  • King-Pierce (US1) said: BM ang1243 said: Hi all, Cheers, Angus Is it possible to abandon an outpost if you do not need it anymore? Yes. @King-Pierce (US1) Philt123 (GB1) said: go into the op you want to surrender,  …
  • oof got cucked for being dumbass on this last hit LOL 30636 killed, 14611 lost. ~2.1 k/d
  • 1. Yeah, pretty much 2. SS cast was released, and some new ungodly expensive coin troops (stronger than berserkers and spear women but like 3mil coin for one army). Also new encampment levels for stupidly hard to get currency. I think thats about it…
  • You can build up to two greenhouses per castle, I believe. @The Greaser (AU1) Tho the rest of the thread is a bit dated, being from January
  • _R11G_ (US1) said: Grab (US1) said: i would also like to add that players should also be able to attack other players while birded becuase whats the point in spending moeny on a bird to sit there and do nothing So you're saying …
  • I actually did play it a while back, I don't recall it being difficult/annoying to play. A lot of the mechanics are similar but one difference is instead of getting a free spin at the wheel of fortune thing you get enough tokens for one spin. Beside…