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  • just because it happens does not make it acceptable. Allowing alliancemates to set your defense also opens up the opportunity for spies and planted alts to mess around with the defenses of offline players. Anyway while youre at it might as well all…
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    in 10,000! Comment by JYT (US1) 20.07.2019
  • Last I checked, you don't lose honor for knocking op caps. Even from a lvl 13
  • No. They do not relocate. How many your server has is determined by the player base size. I believe if enough players join int3, you will get a(nother?) capital @"mubeen1413 (INT3)"
  • 80k coin is like 4 cultist towers, or 4 nomad camps. If that. If you're having trouble getting an extra 80k coin on top of what you loot daily, you're doing something wrong.
  • In this universe, every day i play my storage maxes out several times if I clear out junk. Honestly I've given up trying to clear inventory except for when the forging eq nobility comes up, or I have to swap relic/regular casts. @"Kyriakos (GB1…
  • That sounds approximately correct, but from my experience it feels somewhat shorter. If your player needs to be away for an extended period of time and does not wish to start over, I would recommend purchasing some protection mode, as it prevents yo…
  • @Soul4Life2 (NL1) Why do you have beef with asking for help and new strategies? If your child asked you "how do I tie my shoes pls help ." would you respond with "back in my day we didn't have shoes. When shoes were invented I had to…
  • Well this makes retiring much easier. Won't even get FOMO because there's nothing to miss
  • If you have RVs, outers first, then 8 food ops, then main if you're looking to increase overall food production the most as quickly as possible. Putting one in main to start, as ken said, is very tempting because of the extra food storage it provide…
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I, personally, would recommend dedicating a majority of your food production to defenders. I personally have 7k+ everywhere, some top players have 30k+. More is better, as a rule of thumb. I'm working toward 10k def in each castle. …
  • Ah I see... you're going to retire to The Garden. You would finally rest, and watch the sun rise on a grateful server.
    in Dear Kon Comment by JYT (US1) 21.06.2019
  • Golly I never thought I'd say this, but: I'm suddenly strangely glad that when the royal capital event did run, I was too potato to play it very much. Back then 1000 defenders was a bit too many for my limited troops and commanders. I'm fortunate to…
  • (Image) (Image)  yikes what I get for not checking for D HoL (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) And some offline defense: (Image)
  • .2% is small, yes, but they have to draw the line somewhere, Philt. And since the primary ranged effect (in line 2 or 3 for weapons) seems to always lie between 80 and 87ish, the ranges of stars will be quite small. Re-read what Wasso has written fo…
  • Dwellings are a blight on your food production; have none anywhere. @"JYT (US1)" get on that already
  • Take a look at the fire peaks coin loot :wink: Anyway if 80k coin is too much to ask then you kinda have bigger problems? and at that level of activity the 6/12 hr tax is actually a viable way to gain coins, since you won't be looting more than 1 m…
  • THANK you Wasso. So to clarify again, stars only show relative strengths between that specific type of equipment. So 3 stars on a helmet is better than 2 stars on a helmet, but 2 stars on a helmet is not comparable to 2 stars on a weapon.
  • I believe you don't quite understand how the dethrone function works. It does not take the current castle you have and add 20-500 to it, it takes the castle you currently have and completely swap it with a brand new castle, then adds 20-500 to that …