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  • À lire cette discussion apocalyptique, je met mon doigt au feu que GGS va se faire pas mal d'argent avec les rubis d'ici les prochains jours... De grâce chers gens, il ne s'agit que d'un jeu tout de même.
  • I can't believe I MISSED this!!! Why????? ;(
  • Wow this brings back memories! Good read.
  • This is a game afterall. While it's in the nature of men to enjoy a good competition and a good challenge, there's nothing wrong with congratulating our opponents when they pull a good move.
  • Why should we? We don't have anything against you, you're just standing by your allies aqnd following the bandwagon of orders.
  • - Stables level 3 - Best ruby horses - Highest travel speed equipment for your commander (max +80%) - Declare war to your target's alliance to have a bonus in attack speed (max +100%) - Use only troops who travel fast (each troop has it's own speed, and the slowest troops of them all marks the traveling speed you'll have)…
  • If you plan in the long run, myself and every other high level players will definitely suggest you to go for food outposts. 8 foods are the best, but 6 is great too. The point is, in the long run, you're going to want to have a lot of soldiers, and you'll be needing those 6/8 food outposts to feed them. The further you'll…
  • Precisely. Used against RBs who don't have any ranged defense tools, you can litterally wreak havoc onto RBs and weak players. Keep in mind, however, that your experienced targeted player has the possibility of greatly increasing his ranged defender's with Flaming Arrows/Bulwarks/Arrow Slits, or simply to avoid using…
  • I'm sorry for the incident with your friends in Int2. You seem very well respected in Int2, and what I've heard is that an atmosphere of harmony usually reigns there (at least more than in other servers), and I'm sure you are a part of that harmony. I've been told you had a major role in balancing that server. Much…
  • It took more than 6 months for this 6th one to come out, and it came just around a week ago. I wouldn't bet on it just yet if I were you.
  • I don't think you have the slightest idea what you're talking about. Taking a powerfull attack head-on in the hopes of killing the most soldiers off-hand, 0-100-0 is by far the best. Avoiding the enemy to get into your keep with the +30% advantage, 100-0-0 or 0-0-100 is also the best. Defeating a weak attack where the…
  • Much respect to your post, Durka. I understand it must not have been easy, and for that, lots of respect to you! Thanks for the public announcement. The UCs kindly accept it. Big shoutout to the other alliances of the HB, we will keep the peace if you step out of the HB. There's been a few huge victories for the UCs in…
  • Your attacks make it pretty official to me.
  • False, we have received quite a few attacks by BB Mari in Sparta main, as much on the players as on the capital. Jason2012, StrongLord235 and Cleaner For come to my mind.
  • Whoever said it concerned only BB and Sparta is a big liar, seeing as all of the HB was involved in a loss that resulted over 250 attackers on their side on Sparta's capital, with as little as little as 30k soldiers down in Sparta's capital. Looks like we're heading to another big war, you may thank the Hells Boys.
  • Bad Boys has declared war on Sparta, and attacks are coming in quite heavily, we have received a few from MT and from HW as well. None from TRP so far as to a war-status, nor from Roman Empire. So far it seems mainly from Bad Boys main. Let's see how this goes.
  • Let's remember one thing: there wouldn't be a need for the Uniteds if there weren't an HB to begin with. For nearly 3 months have an HB been in place without a fitting rival back then. Still, the HB existed. Basicly, this brings us back to: the Uniteds exist only because of the HB. Disband the HB permanently, and the…
  • Bump for good luck and good looks ;)
  • Overseers are temporary bonuses that are applied to your ressource production. All 3 of them have a speciality in either wood, stone or food. They each grant +25% production to your base ressource production. There are also Veteran Overseers which grant an additionnal +30% production to your base ressource production.…
  • You can always wait for a "50% off everything you purchase with rubies" event, but those are pretty rare, somewhere between 3 to 4 per year on average. Otherwise, yes, a Bakery is the best way for you to spend your rubies. Ideally in strong food production castles (for example 6/8 food outposts, or in the kingdom castles).…
    in Bakery Comment by J.I. Joe2 12.06.2013