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  • BUMP. We have a couple of vacancies open.
  • Damn, howdya guess O_O; jkjk, way out.
  • Uhm, *reverses the numbers*...still not exact, but close enough.
  • Hm. If I had to choose one I would probably be a bowman. Cheap, Light and darn good at defense. Though I'd make a really rubbish soldier, cus I hate fighting and/or putting holes in other people/animals.
  • 17 o.o at least that's my guess, I don't know aidan very well.
  • Take for example your main castle, can normally sustain about 4, perhaps 5 farmhouses. After that, you should probably concentrate on decorations as the good captain suggests.
  • It also only keeps approx 8 days worth of messages unless they're archived. Sounds like there's a traitor. :|
  • Hi, Firstly, you should contact support if they're getting in via undeleted invitations. I'm sure they're more than happy to delete it themselves. To your questions 1 & 2 the answer is no. If you feel that one of your officers are causing problems, then demote everyone and then re-hire one by one and watch for reactions.
  • O__________O WHUT!? The money grubbing little......... That's kinda interesting to learn about I had no idea that GGE did that. In fact so far as I am aware, all of the rubies I see on offer go up to 180,000k are you implying that GGE sell even larger amounts? (I assume with bigger discounts)? That's...epic.
    in Ruby Packs Comment by Iziah3 15.11.2013
  • Just following on from Rdrnnr, Get down on your knees and pray to whatever god you believe in before sending off your strongest and most powerful off to which ever capital or kings tower... and HOPE that all of the members are offline when you launch your attack. Cause other than that, you're pretty much doomed to fail.…
  • This applies anyway, irrespective of any update that GGE might consider. Multi-accounting is against the Terms of Use and therefore doesn't matter. After all, multi-accounters benefit from alliances...should we remove benefits for alliances? Should we remove honour and glory because multi-accounters can benefit from it?…
  • They've got better things to be doing...surely?
  • Curses! I have the 1.21 Gigawatts of power but I don't have an old Delorean >_<; *cough* I get special permission to bounce radio waves off the moon along with it. It's fun really.
  • Well. There's always Darkness Elite (or Darkness Kings or Darkness Thorn). Strength is a matter of perspective however so I think I'll leave you to decide whether the Darkness Family is strong or not. If you want something a little more casual, there's Darkness Elite, for something more serious I recommend Darkness Kings.…
  • Sounds to me like Twaitsy has already won. True, the reports might all be coming back "win win win win" but, if you're sending ruby troops and they're getting wiped out. Isn't that your money going down the drain? Someone who doesn't care about burning is effectively someone that can't truly be beaten, you'll just waste…
  • Okay. Lolled. Did not expect a binary joke here :D. Eric has gone up in my world. n_n
  • They grow on you. Some of the designs I thought could be better, but...now I'd hate it if they removed them.
  • Aye! (Is actually the archaic form of yes) It's possible to strip their troops just press the delete button on their account stats a few times. But what about the other gains they have probably made through exploiting the bug?
  • It's a crying shame that this doesn't work. The people that think this way have higher crime rates and bigger prison populations and exceedingly larger re-offending rates than those who don't. The 24 hour punishment was warranted a one month ban is not, but frankly there needs to be some education about why it was wrong to…
  • It'll give 'em an excuse to bump up the stone cost for them later. In the early levels stone is almost worthless.