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  • He gave advise and to a point it was correct. That's what happens in here .... others add if it is necessary. No one is 100% correct so far. That is the way it is in here.
  • http://www.ggeguide.com/how-to/understanding-attack/
  • Many upper levels hit on lower levels ..... It used to be level 70's hit from level 50 on up, but now the legendary upper ranks hit lower level 70's. It is part of the game. It is also why many level 70's band together. As Raymondmay11 said ask other players for help and MAYBE retaliate. You want to retaliate under the…
  • I have had that happen when GGE was having technical difficulties. You should report it.
  • put faster speed equp on your commander ... upgrade your stables ... spend rubies to go faster .... use ruby tools to reduce the # of tools you need ....
  • if you attack another castle it will be crystal clear to the attackee. If you spy a castle and your spies fail it will be crystal clear to the other castle. If your spies succeed they will not know. I am sure GGE can track a player if they decide to do it. Remember pm's and emails are forever.
  • Feast, drill ground, hire a drill instructor (king's market) and spend much time pressing buttons. You can also build a hospital which is very nice of GGE.
  • [ He is threatening to destroy you but no one can destroy another's castle in the game. They can make you grumpy. There are always butt hole players who want titles and act badly when alliances are small or struggling to grow. It is best to weed those players out early.
  • search the forum for eric768 and super commander or eric768 and 90/90 commander - there is a thread out there with alot of information so you should check it out. Here's the link: http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?133721-90-90-cmndr&highlight=90%2F90+commander
  • Rubies help but you need an alliance that will send support. If you do not have rubies or support you are basically going to lose every time. You can basically beat anyone who does not have support if you have some ruby tools and know how to attack. This is a team game so you need an alliance that has members who spend a…
  • When you go to Storm you are given a Castellan that you can equip however I do not know how long you get to keep the Castellan after the event is over.
  • I think it is a running theme in many of their images ....
  • The senders castle/OP, so if you sent your own troops from an OP to your main then the food comes from the OP.
  • looks bronze and blue.....but earlier at the office it looked blue and black. hmmmmm? ;)
  • you can recapture it tomorrow - it is not his/hers for good.
  • 1 0 6 1 ---- you may be right
  • Fair play rules: You can play as fair as you want to however not everyone will follow your rules. There are however some unwritten rules such as you do not hit a player that is more than 10 lvls lower than you. This rule goes out the door during a war and some players do not care about this rule. Another rule is you should…
  • This is all very depressing esp. since I thought my #1 commander was looking pretty bad a**.