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So, now you are getting the picture. You do not like losing honor for attacking and defenders don't like losing it for losing a battle. Maybe honor should be doled out based on something else.
  • I also think it would be profitable for GGE to sell mead defenders. That ought to level things up a bit too.
  • I would like to demolish the hospital and the university. At least let it do something amazing: like for low coins and insignias increase the power of my horrors, demons and coin troops.
  • So many of us have asked about the growing gap between the whales/bullies in the game and everyone else. I would like an answer. GGE can you reply? 1. Beyond the Horizon is now a whale/bully event. Where they feed off other players. 2. Players buying sundial for 11 waves and mead troops are hitting players with 6 waves and…
  • Beyond The Horizon - was probably a great idea that was not thought through. Reblousou got it right ... the ruby whales in alliances are stripping their 2nd and 3rd alliances so they can place 1st over and over again. What were you thinking? You just made it worse for those players who work for a living or choose not to…
  • Regarding Gifts - I cannot find the thread in updates that covers the changes for gifts. I do not know which gifts are being referred to .... are the gifts that I have won in events to give to other playmates going to be eliminated. Can someone post the link where this is discussed. I searched GGE updates and was sent to…
  • The attack was on my main and not my op. You cannot launch an attack on a ruined main just ops or other kingdoms if they exist.
 Stealth and skill/knowledge of the game have little to do with the suggestion or anyone's success. You can be very good and not want or be able to play as much as those who play long hours. (BTW there is no stealth feature in the game though not a bad idea but another topic entirely) Also the other point is that it…
  • I quit the game for 3 months and 3 x 36 is 108 days. I was a level 70/221. When I came back an attack was incoming. So I think it was still standing though there were no soldiers in it and it was not in flames and the rubies that I had left in the game were still there. So that should throw a wrench in the your level plus…
  • I have been hit by a "5th and 6th" waver but since I only have 4 waves I cannot ever win against these players. I have no chance of winning whether I am on or on. It does not matter what I do and there is no reason for anyone to support me since we will all lose troops. Thanks GGE this brilliant idea surpasses the foreign…
  • do you have to attack all the towers before you attack the kracken? Can you go for the kracken as soon as it appears? do you win if you do not hit all the towers?
  • You can fly now but you are the size of a mosquito and you are surrounded by bats. I wish for all those people who lost their lives in the previous post come back to life. 
  • You succeed and global warming is a thing of the past but now there is a giant asteroid hurling toward the planet earth. Oh no!