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  • Where do you see anyone "crying" about hitting retirement subs? We are simply pointing out that a majority of your hits are on them, while you are bragging about being such great PVP players. A lot of talk from a dude that went on the 60 …
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idk man. Most of the D we lost was all coin troops and a majority of the defense didn't even have tools up. Negan took the biggest L here. 
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So besides the fact that our family/allies all know that we all have put effort into the war to get this point, I enjoy that you are basically saying that subs carried us. I'm all for having subs/allies capable of beating KoN down t…
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  • Imagine being forced to merge with DT. After merging with KoN2 less than a month ago.  The same DT that went from a top 3 alliance 4 months ago to below top 20. The same DT that had to merge with DT2.  Yikes. The desperation is real. 
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Naw DT doesn't want this. But they know it's the only way to survive for a little longer.  Best part is we called it that Serry would get DT property into KoN. And it worked. But yeah as for your first part, idk how anyone in DT th…
  • One of these days Heart will respond to the Mnight post about the start of war. But for now, she'll continue to deflect.  As far as the health of people in an online game, we, as I am sure its the same in your alliance, are skeptical when players …
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All this cat fighting and I'm just sitting here waiting for Heart to respond to this comment other than the "TL;DR" from earlier. 
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You are taking this way to seriously. And I am assuming you know her profession, so it's safe to say she knows all about the me too movement in real life. 
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  • Imagine being forced to merge with an alliance like Nephilim. Can you say desperation? 
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You literally ignored a comment of value by Mnight. Get outta here with that. Not surprised though. You can never actually back up your words. 
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By "we" you mean negan right? Cause she runs KoN. 
  • If we actually had the power to hack someone in this game, don't you think something like this would happen right away? Like why would we wait this long? The logic just simply isn't there. We have the power to hack, but we choose to hack an alliance…
  • Imagine being Dream Team, and merging with Dream Team 2. And still not being a top 10 alliance.
  • Imagine having to post D reports to try to make your post look better. I guess thats what happens when half of the alliance goes on the bird. 
  • Imagine being Nephilim. You go from a full 65 man alliance, to 51 and having to merge with Neph Reapers, and barely a week later, you are back down to 42 members. What an embarrassment. Right now, Nephilim has to be 2nd to DT for the worst collapse…
  • You really gonna try to act like some random nobody who is not even in an alliance is from TM?  lmao KoN so shook they gotta try to do anything to make themselves feel better
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lmao damn. I underestimated the power of IRL back then.