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  • GGE are becoming a waste of time. They start a new event and yet nothing to do for it They have no idea of timings and just waste our time GGE really need to sort there F****** act out
    in event Comment by Foz (GB1) 03.05.2019
I am having the same issue also, i went in there with no problems at all when it started now i can not get in at all, keeps putting me back on normal account. Come on GGE sort the issues out
  • Yes thank you
    in Armourer Comment by Foz (GB1) 25.09.2018
  • Thanks Queen B
  • I have gone into blade and for some reason i can not go any further. Have hit a few of the targets and now just get a message saying path is blocked but can not see anything else to hit Seems to me its another waste of time
  • Having yet another prob;em with the game Cant do anything, it wont let me go to the world map, and just tried to do it in berrie and it just froze up. Also when i got to berrie it was still showing rescouses and troops ect from main castle in green
  • Cant do anything in game either, wont open anything up and cant even go to world map Come GGE sort your selves out NOW
  • at least it is not just my old man madness then
    in Coins Comment by Foz (GB1) 06.06.2018
  • Yes i know that. But on the reports it used to show how many we got. Now im not showing any on the reports
    in Coins Comment by Foz (GB1) 06.06.2018
  • And still we only get rubbish targets to hit, and it dont matter how many times we hit them, same goes for crows we still get crap targets to attack Yet the top alliances seem to get a lot better looking at the glory points they get in just a few hours It is all crap and GGE dont care about fare play
    in fls Comment by Foz (GB1) 05.04.2018
  • Hi Raggle No it was none of what you said and i dont give my password out at all as that is silly and i dont do silly
    in Hacked Comment by Foz (GB1) 30.03.2018
  • I agree with everything said in here. We need compensation for yet another GGE COCK UP and i have noticed that the so called moderators have not bothered saying anything in this thread they dont seem to be able to help at all apart from putting sorry messages on in threads we cant comment on
  • Yet another amazing COCK UP by the GGE team They really like to screw us all over any way they can Really wish they would get there act sorted out or do they come up with these so called bugs on purpose just to keep them selves employed
  • Another question to be asked about this is are we going to be compensated for there cock up first off they cut the emerald event down to a shorter time Then they add an extra page on to get all the rewards Now they have taken the spending of khan tabs from us which helped do the main event GGE team are so incompetent i bet…
  • they have said in a thread there is an issue and we wont get it back till the event ends This is crap, we can spend those tokens to get points in emerald event and now they have taken that off us I am sure GGE are doing this on purpose to stop people completing events It make me wonder that any of us still play this game…
  • Thanks Zen
  • Not getting my hopes up either Once again GGE cant get it right and once again time is lost from the ice comp and they can not even be bothered to give us a reason why
  • what a load of idiots starting it up when they knew it was not right Now wasted coins and the rest of the stuff sent over Get it F*****G right will you
  • Oh and its still not fixed Said in the menu i had to start again with the rewards. Hit my forst one, had a look and still loads of rewards ticked GGE YOU ARE USELESS
    in nomads Comment by Foz (GB1) 27.03.2017
  • Not a happy bunny here All camps reset to Lvl 81 and i like others have lost the bonus And still nothing from GGE in the way of an appology.
    in nomads Comment by Foz (GB1) 27.03.2017