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  • It -seems- like the game hesitates when you're performing an ongoing action (like the forge), and I'm guessing it's the popup ads being delayed for 'x' amount of time (whatever amount of time GGE designated a delay in the popups to be under such circumstances). I've had game lockup as described. And a few times I just left…
  • Some blurry graphics (yes, I posted in the other dedicated thread about that, along with pictures and details...hoping I didn't waste my time). Blocky text (wasn't a problem with the Flash version...now after awhile, it feels like my eyes are going to bleed). Things out of order (tools, castle order, etc.). Copy/paste.…
  • Blurry graphics. My biggest complaint is rough text. I believe there's a problem involving DPI scaling with HTML5 (which I experience -NO- problems with using Flash, btw). Using the latest version of Firefox. Laptop model: HP Pavilion dv7t-6c00 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC Pertinent system information:…
  • I heard Wampuscat Land got their rewards. I know they got the individual items (artifacts). Not sure if they received the alliance bonuses or not. I believe they were 11th place.
  • Definitely poor handling of the situation. Respect players, GGE. Especially when they all worked so hard for a month straight and should be rewarded for the effort.
  • And theoretically shouldn't be too hard for them to implement. And will result in less frustration for players. I imagine people send more support tickets due to that 60-second period of time preceding the system shutting down. Being cut off in the middle of something potentially important (to the player) is no joke, and…
Hey I love that idea. I threw out 15 minutes just as a minimum notice. The more the notice the better. 1/2 hour also seems much better, obviously. With 1-minute warnings, I can walk away from the computer for whatever reason, and if they're shutting down...I come back 61+ seconds later without any real warning. I know…
  • Game's up. Sorry for the complaining, but 1-minute notice is ridiculous. Pick a specific time each night and do the maintenance (even if there is none to do!!). Another game I play shuts down for at least 15 minutes at 1am EST every night (morning). That's good business and fair to their users. Who buy stuff from them and…
  • Hopefully at the least fixing the Storm reward fiasco. Nobody got their rewards after a month of hard work.
  • 11th place alliance, and no rewards given at all. Should've received the alliance bonuses and 2 artifacts. Adding it to the list. Looks like nobody got any rewards.